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Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

What is a rule?

Oregon law defines "rule" as "any agency directive, standard, regulation or statement of general applicability that implements, interprets or prescribes law or policy, or policy, or describes the procedure or practice requirements of any agency." ORS 183.310(9). Agencies may adopt, amend, repeal or renumber rules, permanently or temporarily (up to 180 days), using the procedures outlined in the Oregon Attorney General's Administrative Law Manual.

The State Board of Education adopts rules that affect Oregon’s K-12 public schools including public charter schools and the Oregon School for the Deaf. Changes to rules are posted on the Secretary of State's Administrative Rules web page approximately 30 days after adoption.

The Oregon Secretary of State's office compiles and publishes the entire series of Oregon Administrative Rules. The rules directly related to the operation of public schools including public charter schools and the Oregon School for the Deaf are contained in Chapter 581 of that series.

The Administrative Rules Unit in the Archives Division within the Secretary of State assist agencies with the notification, filing and publication requirements of the administrative rules process. Every Administrative Rule uses the same numbering sequence of a three-digit agency chapter number followed by a three-digit division number and ending with a four-digit rule number (000-000-0000).

Chapter 581 - Oregon Department of Education Rules

Division 22 - Assurance of Compliance

Oregon Law & Policy for Sexual Health Education

When an agency proposes to adopt, amend or repeal a rule, it shall give interested persons reasonable opportunity to submit data or views. Comments can be emailed.

There are a few ways interested parties can provide comment on proposed rules. First, interested parties may provide written or oral comments to the Department or directly to the State Board of Education during the board’s public comment period at the first meeting at which the rule is on the board’s agenda. Second, interested parties may provide written or oral testimony on proposed rules at a public hearing scheduled by the hearing officer. More information on public hearings for proposed rules can be found on the State Board of Education – Proposed OARs web page below.

Before rules are heard at the State Board of Education meetings, they are brought before the ODE Rules Advisory Committee. This committee seeks public input on the development and drafting of administrative rules as well as whether the rule has a fiscal or small business impact and to what extent that impact will be. The ODE Rules Advisory Committee moves through a pre-determined agenda that focuses on broad topics of ODE rulemaking, agency updates, and policies. Please visit the ODE Rules Advisory Committee web page for additional meeting information.