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Vision Screening


This page contains information on vision screenings for students in Oregon. A “vision screening” is an eye screening test to identify potential vision health concerns. OAR 581-021-0031 states that education providers require all students who are age seven and younger and who are beginning an education program for the first time to submit a vision certificate.

SB 187 (2017) establishes a reimbursement program for school districts in Oregon to be reimbursed up to $3.20 per each student for costs incurred to provide vision screenings OAR 581-021-0031 identifies who is able to provide these vision screenings to students:

  • A person licensed by the Oregon Board of Optometry under ORS 683.010 to 683.340;
  • A person licensed by the Oregon Medical Board under ORS 677 and trained in eye surgery and eye disease;
  • A physician (MD), Physician’s Assistant (PA), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) licensed by the Oregon Medical Board, a Nurse Practitioner licensed by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, or a Naturopathic Physician licensed by the Board of Naturopathic Medicine;
  • A school nurse, a licensed Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner working for a school district to provide school health services, or an employee of an education provider who has successfully completed training on vision screening that is provided by a school nurse or, a licensed Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner working for a school district to provide school health services;
  • A qualified vendor organization listed on the ODE’s annually approved list of vendors that provides vision screenings.

How to Become a Qualified Vision Screening for School Settings
A vendor must be approved by the Oregon Department of Education prior to be providing vision screening in a school setting. The school district may be reimbursed only when they use an approved vendor or qualified staff person as identified in OAR 581-021-0031. To become an ODE approved vendor please submit the completed RFI to ODE VisionScreen Email. By July 31st of each year, a list of approved vision screening vendors will be listed on the ODE website.

Qualified Vision Screeners for School Settings
As mandated by OAR 581-021-0031, the below vendors have been approved by the Oregon School Vision Advisory Group to provide vision screenings in school settings.

Vision and Hearing Screening Updates 2021-2022

School districts are again required to provide vision & hearing screenings to students in the 2021-2022 school year, per OAR 581-22-2220. Although these requirements were waived during the 2020-2021 school year, they are now reinstated.

For reference only, you can access the 2020-2021 Vision and Hearing Screening Guidance below:

Vision and Hearing Screening Guidance 2020-2021

School Vision Screening Reimbursements

Vision Screening Reimbursement Form

The Oregon Department of Education is offering reimbursements to school districts for vision screenings conducted in the 2018-2019 school year. SB 187 (2017) and subsequent OAR 581-021-0031 establishes a reimbursement program for districts to be reimbursed up to $3.20 per student for necessary costs incurred to provide them with vision screenings.

School districts may be reimbursed for vision screenings conducted by a school nurse, qualified school staff, or an ODE approved organization. Funds will be distributed first to students in grade 3 and below. With remaining funds, school districts will be reimbursed for screenings done for students in grade 4 and higher, distributed based on district small area income and poverty estimates (SAIPE) level.

If approved, school district reimbursement claims will be sourced and paid through the EGMS system.

For reimbursement, fill out the 2020-21 Vision Screening Reimbursement Form and submit via Secure File Transfer to, by June 18, 2021.

Vision Screening Pilot Project 2009

For more information contact:
Sasha Grenier

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