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Implications for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Oregon supports rigorous and reasonable expectations for students with disabilities in achieving the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)—including the development of standards-based or standards-aligned Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). For students with the most significant cognitive disabilities there is no exception.

The following information and resources may be of support in these efforts:

  • Standards-aligned IEPs for students with significant cognitive disabilities are to be developed in line with the Essentialization Process and Essentialized Assessment Frameworks (EAFs).
  • Teaching the CCSS to students with significant cognitive disabilities was covered in this webinar.
  • National Center and State Collaborative IEP development considerations are provided in an NCSC brief.
  • The Minnesota Department of Education developed a discussion guide centered on the topic.
  • Project Success has completed significant work in developing standards aligned IEPs for students with significant cognitive disabilities which can be reviewed in this webinar.

Disclaimer: Please note that these resources are shared as a means of increasing dialogue and capacity around this issue, but that the information at the links is subject to your discretion. No representation is made as to the linked content's applicability/adherence to Oregon Revised Statutes. It is the responsibility of IEP teams to ensure that all appropriate procedures are followed to ensure a legally compliant IEP and the provision of FAPE.