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Resources for Schools/Communities


Early Works Initiative - Earl Boyles Elementary School
Since 2010, children at Earl Boyles have improved their kindergarten readiness and parents have become leaders in the community and empowered participants in their children’s learning. Learn more about the variety of programs offered and how they are paving the way to support children and their families.
Early Works Initiative - Yoncalla Elementary School
Yoncalla Elementary School is located in Douglas County’s rural Yoncalla, Oregon. Families living in Yoncalla face many challenges, including high unemployment and poverty rates and a shortage of livable-wage jobs and health care. See more about what they are doing in Yoncalla to expand their early learning programs so children and families are ready for kindergarten.
“Introducing Me!” Family Connection Booklet
Teachers can use "Introducing Me!" to obtain information from families about their child who is entering kindergarten. The booklet includes sections on the child's favorite toy, parents' names, and things the child does and does not like to do. It is available in multiple languages.
Maine Department of Education - Transitioning to Kindergarten Toolkit
The Maine Department of Education has gathered a variety of resources that will support and guide parents and caregivers, along with educators and providers, as they engage young learners in high-quality transitions into kindergarten.
Minnesota Department of Education - Kindergarten Transition Toolkit
To provide ideas, strategies, and an overview of research, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and the American Institutes for Research (AIR) have created a Prekindergarten to Kindergarten Transition Toolkit to promote seamless prekindergarten to kindergarten transitions for children.
Ready Freddy: Pathways to Kindergarten Success
Explore a wealth of free resources for both families and practitioners, such as an online interactive book for children and a learning activity calendar. A video on getting children ready for kindergarten includes parent interviews about the experience of sending their child to school. This comprehensive website also offers articles that address kindergarten transition issues like transition team-building, ways to bring parents and schools together for transition planning, the importance of school attendance, and more.
Transition to Kindergarten: Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC)
Explore these videos, guides, and other helpful resources to support program and school efforts to understand the importance of the transition to kindergarten. Learn how to strengthen the four points of connection and implement transition practices that ensure all children and families are ready to engage and succeed in school.


Preparing early learners: Considerations for supporting the kindergarten class of 2021
Among the many ways in which schools are being transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the change in public school kindergarten enrollment is one likely to have important consequences in classrooms across the nation. Because the academic and nonacademic skills students develop in their preschool and early elementary school years are foundational to important longer-term outcomes, understanding these changes and finding ways to effectively support our youngest students’ learning is critical for educators and leaders. Drawing on recent research, this article offers four timely considerations for district, school, and classroom leaders.
A Toolkit for Effective and Supportive Transitions for Children, Families, and Educators
Improving transitions for children and families requires careful planning, effective policies and practices, and sustainable funding. Educators can establish practices that put families more at ease, but the planning must begin well before the first day of school. This article offers six steps to strengthen transitions between pre-K, kindergarten, and the early elementary grades.
Engaging Families During the Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition
In a recent Early Learning Network study, with findings published in the Early Childhood Education Journal, researchers explored the impact of time and geographic context on family engagement through the pre-K to kindergarten transition.

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