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The Oregon Trail Solar Facility is an approved energy generation facility to include any combination of wind and solar facility components not to exceed 41 MW, including up to 16 wind turbines or up to 1,228 acres of solar photovoltaic energy generation equipment. Facility components would be located within an approved 13,866 acre site boundary.

Approved: Construction of the facility must commence on or before August 30, 2022. 

On August 19, 2022, the Department received preliminary Request for Amendment 1 for the Oregon Trail Solar Facility. pRFA1 seeking Council approval for a three year extension to the construction commencement deadline (identified in Condition 24), and a revision to condition 50(b) related to cultural resource monitoring. The construction commencement deadline extension would make the new deadline August 30, 2025.

Preliminary Request for Amendment 1 includes a Type B Review Amendment Determination Request (Type B Review ADR) seeking concurrence that the amendment request be processed under Type B review, which was evaluated by the Department.

The Department issued its Type B Review ADR determination to the certificate holder on November 10, 2022, disagreeing with the certificate holder's analysis and confirming that Type A review be maintained for the amendment request. 

Following review and completeness determination of pRFA1, the Department will issue a Draft Proposed Order and Notice of Draft Proposed Order, initiating a public comment period on both the amendment request and Draft Proposed Order. These materials will be posted to the project webpage below upon issuance.​

​Gilliam County, south of Arlington. PDF Map  | Online Map

Applicant/Certificate holder: Oregon Trail Solar, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avangrid Renewables, LLC, the U.S. division of parent company Iberdrola, S.A.
ODOE contact: Kellen Tardaewether
Applicant/Certificate holder contact: Matthew Hutchinson

​​On September 25, 2020, the Energy Facility Siting Council approved Request for Amendment 5 of the Montague Wind Power Facility site certificate, which authorized allocation of previously approved facility components into an amended and two original site certificates for Montague Wind Power Facility​, Montague Solar Facility​ and Oregon Trail Solar Facility, respectively. The documentation for the original project can be found on the Montague Wind Power Facility webpage.

  • Click ​here to view a diagram of the Site Certificate history.​​

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Exhibit Files Reference

  • Exhibit A: Applicant Information 
  • Exhibit B: Project Description
  • Exhibit C: Property Location and Maps
  • Exhibit D: Organizational Information
  • Exhibit E​: Permits Required
  • Exhibit F: Property Ownership 
  • Exhibit G: Materials Analysis
  • Exhibit H: Geology and Soil Stability 
  • Exhibit I: Soils
  • Exhibit J: Wetlands
  • Exhibit K: Land Use
  • Exhibit L: Protected Areas
  • Exhibit M: Financial Analysis
  • Exhibit N​: Non-generating Facility Information
  • Exhibit O: Water Requirements
  • Exhibit P: Fish Wildlife Habitat 
  • Exhibit Q: Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals
  • Exhibit R: Scenic Aesthetic Values 
  • Exhibit S: Cultural Resources
  • Exhibit T: Recreational Facilities 
  • Exhibit U: Public Services
  • Exhibit V​: Waste Minimization 
  • Exhibit W: Site Restoration
  • Exhibit X: Noise 
  • Exhibit Y: Carbon Dioxide Emissions 
  • Exhibit Z: Cooling Towers  
  • Exhibit AA: EMFs – Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Exhibit BB: Other Information
  • Exhibit CC: Additional Statutes Rules Ordinances
  • Exhibit DD​: Other Specific Standards