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Consultant Forms & Resources

This page includes templates, forms and guidance documents related to procurement of personal and professional services for Oregon Department of Transportation projects and ODOT-sponsored local agency projects.

NOTE: If any forms or documents linked on this page will not open, right-click on the link and select "Save link as" to download the file.


Accounting Methodology Questionnaires

Cost Disclosure Questionnaire
For firms that calculate overhead rate.

Financial Questionnaire
For firms that do not calculate overhead rate.

Billing Rate Schedules & Guidance

Billing Rate Policy

Indirect Cost Rate Schedule Template​ (New 2/21/23) 

National Compensation Matrix (NCM) Instructions​ (New 2/21/23) ​​

Sample NCM Compliance Worksheet (New 2/21/23)

2022 National Compensation Matrix (see AASHTO ​website for previous matrices or instructions) (New 2/21/23)

ODOT Common Control Worksheet(New 2/21/23)

Certification of Invoicing & Other Direct Cost (ODC) Billing Practices (New 2/21/23)

NBR Graduation Guide(New 6/22/23)

Direct Non-Labor Costs Schedule

Direct Salary Rate (DSR) Schedule

Negotiated Billing Rate (fully loaded) Schedule

ODOT Contract Summary Form​​ (Please note: Any alternative form, format or type of tracker is acceptable in place of this form; the same level of detail is required.)

Overhead Certification

Independent Audit Threshold Attestation​   

Establishing Billing Rates with ODOT for Consultants Training​ (New 10/19/22)

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Directory (New 2/21/23)

2016 Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide​ (New 2/21/23)

Email ODOT to Submit Billing Rate Updates (

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Overhead Cost Rate Guidance

Application of PPP Adjusted Overhead Cost Rate

​Cost Estimate Templates & Guidance

Breakdown of Costs (BOC)

Breakdown of Costs for negotiated billing rates (BOCnbr) 

Breakdown of Costs for Standardized Statement of Work (BOCssow)​ (Updated 1/06/23)

Breakdown of Costs Requirements

Profit Fee Worksheet

​Invoice Related

Procurement Standard for Invoice Requirements - Consultant ("Invoice Requirements") 

Consultant Invoice FAQ​

Consultant A&E Invoice Requirements Training Video​

Vendor Remit Address Form

Paid Summary Report, Form #734-2882  (PSR Guidance​)

Certification of Invoicing and ODC Billing Practices

ORS 279C.110 Expense Report

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