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WIC breastfeeding staff resources

This page contains information useful for Oregon WIC breastfeeding staff, including information for download and links to other websites. For more information, please contact

All files on this page are Adobe Reader (PDF) format unless otherwise noted.

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World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month (August 2020)

Breastfeeding information for all staff

Breastfeeding and medications

Breastfeeding websites for parents

Sources for breastfeeding education materials and videos

Physician association websites

Other resources

WIC breast pump resources

Oregon WIC breast pump information

Breast pump education materials

Breast pump loan forms and questionnaires

Breast pump management


Third party partnerships

Breastfeeding coordinator resources

General information

Lactation continuing education for breastfeeding coordinators

(paid by state WIC office)

IBCLC exam

(paid by state WIC office)

Other websites providing lactation continuing education

(including CERPs and CEU)
 Breastfeeding reference books The following are recommended study materials for IBCLC exam preparation:

Meeting notes and references

January 2020
April 2020

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