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TWIST Remote Training and User Manual Resources

Resources for TWIST users

 Files on this page are Adobe Reader (PDF) format.

The TWIST Training Manual is located at the bottom of the Remote TWIST Training information.

Remote TWIST Training

Here is the agenda for the two-day training.

Remote TWIST Training is an optional training designed to provide a general overview and introduction to the basic functions of TWIST. Activities and topics discussed in the training are available here. At the end of the Remote TWIST training, with the use of written steps from the Remote TWIST Training Workbook, participants will be able to:

  • Log into TWIST in the Familynet application through Citrix
  • Navigate the basic screens used in TWIST 
  • Follow the steps to create appointments for participants 
  • Find a participant in the TWIST database
  • Follow the steps to assign a food package
  • Follow the steps to enroll a participant (pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding mothers; infants, and children)
  • Follow the steps to issue an eWIC card
  • Enter or update relevant demographic data for a participant

How to Register for Remote TWIST Training

To register for Remote TWIST Training participants must:

  • Work in the WIC clinic for at least two weeks
  • Have an active P-Number
  • Have successfully logged into Citrix
  • Have access to Familynet and Familynet Practice

Remote Training Schedule (classes are Tuesday and Wednesday):

  • January 10 - 11, 2023
  • February 7 - 8, 2023
  • March 7 - 8, 2023

Remote TWIST Training Documents

Documents used in the Remote TWIST training are available in Workday Learning. A printed notebook will be provided if requested throught the registration form in Lesson 1.

TWIST User Manual Overview

TWIST User Release Notes 

Below are announcements about changes released in the TWIST system:

TWIST User Manual 

The TWIST Manual provides step by step instructions for typical functions in TWIST. Here is what you can find in the manual:

 Use the How to Use This Manual link to create your training plan.



Chapter 1 - TWIST Overview

Section 1 Intro to TWIST and TWIST Security

Intro to TWIST and TWIST Security

Section 2 TWIST Basics Job Aids:
200Screen and Data Entry

Fast Paths

Section 3 Equipment Job Aids


Section 4 Help


Chapter 2 - Client Demographics

Section 1 Client Search and Demographics

Client Search and Demographics

Chapter 3 - Client Processes

Section 1 Intake/Enrollment Job Aids:


Applicant Prescreening
101 Deleted
102 Enrollment

Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Assignment

Section 2 General

Certification Overview

Section 3 Assessment Job Aids:
  • Risk Criteria Assignment
300 Risk Criteria and Risk Level
301 Anthropometric / Biochemical for a Woman
302 Anthropometric / Biochemical for an Infant/Child
303 Health History

Diet Assessment

Section 4 First Nutrition Education Contact Job Aids:
400 Deleted
401 Interventions
402 Nutrition Education Provided
403 Next Steps
404 Referrals

Progress notes

Section 5 Food Packages Job Aids:
500 Assigning and Forecasting Food Packages
501 Modifying Food Packages
502 Change Package Mid-Certification
503 Special formula and Med Doc
504 Formula Replacement (FR) and Formula Exchange (FX)

Formula Warehouse


Section 6 Certification Variables Job Aids:
600 Breastfeeding Tracking
601 Deleted

Certification Data Entry Document

Section 7 Recertification


Section 8 Other Client Processes Job Aids:
800 Transaction Types
801 Reactivate and Reinstate
803 Updating Client Information Mid-Certification
804 Transfers
805 Terminations / Ineligible
806 Category Change
807 Immunization Status Button

Changing WIC ID Numbers - Foster Families, Custody Changes

Section 9 Second Nutrition Education Contact Job Aids:
900 Individual Follow-Ups
901 Documenting Non-WIC Nutrition Education
902 Nutrition Education Refusal
903 - Online Nutrition Education

Section 10 Farm Direct Nutrition Program (Farmers' Market) Job Aids:

Farmers' Market Coupon Issuance

Section 11 Family Summary Screen Job Aids:
1100 Family Summary Screen
1101 Benefits List
1103 Family Cardholder Screen

Chapter 4 - Appointment Scheduler

Section 1 Scheduler Basics Job Aids:

Introduction to Appointment Scheduler

Section 2 Staff Schedules Job Aids:
200 Template Maintenance
201 Template Scheduling Options

Daily Clinic Schedule

Section 3 Automatic Scheduler Job Aids:
300 Automatic Scheduler
301 Appointment Requests

Coordinating Family Appointments

Section 4 Scheduling Appointments Job Aids:
400 Family Appointment Record
401 Group Scheduling
402 Schedule Appointment Now
403 Scheduling a Client into a Group Nutrition Education Appointment
404 Handle Walk-In and Overbook Appointments

Scheduling Group Screening Appointments

Section 5 Rescheduling
500Mass Rescheduling
501Rescheduling an Appointment

Cancel an Appointment

Section 6 Documenting Appointment Attendance

Documenting Appointment Attendance

Section 7 Correspondence

Printing Appointment Notices

Section 8 Wait List

Wait List

Section 9 ANSWR Basics
900Appointment Scheduler - ANSWR Extract Settings

ANSWR Daily Reports


Chapter 6 - System Administration

Section 1 User Maintenance

Maintain User ID and Passwords

Section 2


Section 3 Satellite Clinics Job Aids:

Satellite Clinics

Section 4 End of Day Job Aids:

End of Day

Section 5 Deleted


Section 6 TWIST Practice Database

TWIST Practice Database

Chapter 7 - Reports

Section 1 Reports Job Aids:

Standard and QA Reports

Chapter 8 - Operations Management


Section 1 Operations Management Job Aids:
100 Agency / Clinic Information
101 Staff Information
102 Referral / Outreach Organizations
103 Complaints

Breast Pump Inventory and Reports

Chapter 9 - Financial Management


Section 1


Section 2 Priority Freezing

Priority Freezing

Chapter 10 - Vendor Management

Section 2 Farm Direct Nutrition Program (Farmers' Market) Job Aids:
200Using the Farmers' Market Administration Screen
201Answering Questions

Using the Coupon Maintenance Screen