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Educational and outreach materials

Partners and other non-WIC agencies:

  • To order Oregon WIC outreach materials, please fill out our WIC outreach order form.
  • In some cases we are able to provide print ready files if your organization would like to print your own supply. 
  • To request sample copies, or for reprint requests, please contact our office at 971-673-0040.

Local WIC agencies:

For the full catalog of Oregon WIC materials available to order or download, please visit the Oregon WIC Publications Shopify store.

Your agency or office will need to create a Shopify account before placing your first order. If you have not yet done so, please follow these instructions to set one up. One account per agency or office, please.

WIC Outreach Materials

You Do A Lot - WIC Is Here to Help! (rack card) 57-400

400-english-thumb.jpg      400-spanish-thumb.jpg

WIC Outreach Posters - 3 versions, available in both English and Spanish
stripes-english.jpg           family-english.jpg          rocket meal-english.jpg         English | Spanish                    English | Spanish                     English | Spanish

'Small Steps' Substance Abuse Awareness Poster

small steps thumb eng.jpg  small steps thumb spa.jpg

Letter size option only - available in print: English on one side, Spanish on the other

NEW! 'Small Steps' image for clinic monitors - English | Spanish

Breastfeeding education and promotion


I am a breastfeeding baby (crib card) 57-780 English/Spanish
My breastfeeding plan 57-782 English/Spanish
Breastfeeding mothers: know your rights! 57-779 English/Spanish
Breastfeeding in public wallet card 57-777 English/Spanish
Breastfeeding welcome here window sticker 57-784 English

Health and nutrition education information


All ages
Vitamin D For Your Family

57-710 English/Spanish
It's Time to Eat! Food for Your Baby 57-709 English
Healthy Sleep for You and Your Baby 57-711 English
Understanding Your Baby's Cues 57-712 English
Why Do Babies Cry? 57-713 English
Common infant problems: Colic 57-1116 English
Common infant problems: Constipation 57-1117 English
Common infant problems: Crying 57-1118 English
Common infant problems: Diarrhea 57-1119 English
Common infant problems: Food allergies 57-1115 English
Common infant problems: Spitting up 57-1120 English
Children and toddlers
Offering Fruits and Veggies to Young Children 57-741 English
Prevent Early Childhood Cavities 57-726 English


Seafood Safety

Oregon Fish and Seafood Guide
Advice About Eating Fish

Farm Direct Nutrition Program


WIC Farm Direct Nutrition Program brochure 57-780 English
FDNP comment form 57-782 English

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