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100-J General NPDES Permit

100-J Water Quality General Permit is a statewide water quality permit for minor sources. This is a permit for industrial and commercial facilities that discharge no more than 0.5 million gallons per day of non-contact cooling water, defrost water, heat pump transfer water, and cooling tower blowdown. Also included are cooling and sump water discharges from hydroelectric facilities. 

For example, this permit is needed when water used to cool equipment is released to a nearby water body or land applied. See DEQ's Frequently Asked Questions About Water Quality Permits “individual" permit versus a “general permit" for more information.

DEQ renewed the 100-J water quality general permit on April 15, 2024 bringing it up-to-date with water quality regulations and requirements. By July 30, a facility that intends to apply for permit coverage must file an Intent to Apply - 60-Day Notice form. This form will provide information to DEQ and allow facilities to continue to operate under the discharge limitations and requirements of the expired 1996 100-J permit.

Time is provided for an existing facility to submit an application with information on its operation to satisfy permit requirements. For most facilities, an application for permit coverage is due within three years of the effective date. An application for a new facility must meet a shorter time frame. Any facility not eligible for permit coverage must obtain an individual permit.

Find 100-J forms on DEQ’s Permit Applications and Renewal Forms web page.

DEQ hosted information sessions starting in late January 2022 to let permit holders and other interested parties know that the permit is being renewed, that renewal involves a review of current regulations and to expect significant changes since the permit was last issued in 1996.
A second information session was held to relay current temperature criteria and provide an overview of DEQ's temperature total maximum daily loads.
DEQ held additional information sessions in preparation for having a draft permit for public comment.

Public involvement

The comment period for the 100-J water quality general permit renewal closed on June 26, 2023. More information, which includes the notice and proposed permit, is provided below:


For more information about this permit, please contact Beth Moore, General Permits Coordinator.