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Wastewater Permit Documents Database

DEQ offers an online tool to help the public find information on National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and Water Pollution Control Facility permits.


DEQ’s Wastewater Permits Database is designed for the storage and convenient retrieval of important documents, including permits, permit modifications, permit-related fact sheets, and permit action letters. All NPDES permit-related documents are available for viewing. Many WPCF permit documents are also available.

NPDES-permitted facilities are those which discharge pollutants from any point source, such as a pipe to state waters. If a facility discharges to land, it is a WPCF facility.

DEQ will update the database periodically. People accessing the document repository may need to continue checking the repository to ensure the information they are seeking is complete.

Only the information in DEQ's individual permit files can be considered current and accurate.

To begin using the system click on the link below. Please be patient as some of the queries may take a few minutes to return results.

Search data

How to search the records

Select Jurisdiction: Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Permits
  1. In the top SEARCH BY selector, click on the drop-down button and select a search method.
  2. Enter your search terms next to the SEARCH BY menu option.
  3. Click “And” or “Or” to add additional search terms.
  4. Click Search