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General Class V Stormwater UIC Permit Template

DEQ’s Underground Injection Control Program has released a new general permit for owners of underground injection control systems that operate less than 50 UICs. A “UIC” is a device that injects fluids (in this case stormwater) into the ground. This type of stormwater disposal system is also known as a drywell. This permit can be used by owners and operators of UICs within 500 feet of water wells to bring their UICs into compliance with DEQ regulations. DEQ regulates stormwater UICs to ensure that drinking water is protected from pollutants in stormwater. Current UIC system operators covered under an individual UIC permit may be eligible for the general permit. A copy of the template for the permit is below.

UIC general permit template and permit evaluation report

DEQ solicited input on a draft of the template, and received many public comments. The final template was published in December 2015, and reflected public comments to the extent they met federal and state UIC regulations or state groundwater protection rules:

The conditions of the Class V Stormwater UIC General permit template were informed by scientific studies of the environmental fate of pollutants in stormwater after discharge from UICs. 


For questions about UIC applications please contact the UIC Program via Your DEQ Online Helpdesk. Alternatively you may email the UIC program at:, or call the UIC Permit Coordinator at 503-229-5623.

For technical UIC- related questions please contact:
Kevin Weberling
UIC Senior Hydrogeologist

For questions about policy and program development please contact:
Derek Sandoz

UIC Program Coordinator