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UIC Inventory

The Oregon UIC database is available to the public, and is updated as new information is received. The UIC database should not be considered comprehensive as many unregistered UIC systems remain in Oregon.

If a site or individual injection system qualifies as rule authorized, the owner/operator will receive a letter with their UIC registration number (s) stating that their site or part of it is designated as rule authorized. Any city or county issued permit for an injection system is not valid unless DEQ has approved the site installation in writing. Cities and counties are not delegated to issue such permits for DEQ. Failure to make site improvements or modifications required for Rule Authorization will result in a notice of non- compliance, revocation of status, enforcement.

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Below is a key to understanding UIC Registration Status:

  • Denied: Failed to meet requirements and or required data. Non-compliant with state and or federal rules.
  • Cleanup site: The site is listed on the state cleanup database as needing remediation. Most are not registered and are non compliant. No new UICs can be allowed and those existing must go through cleanup or be closed.
  • Incomplete or Information request: Failed to turn in required data, non-compliant.
  • Not Registered: Site identified as having UICs as a result of site inspection, building permit application, complaints or other means. Non-compliant
  • Registered and Rule Authorized: Meets state and federal requirements, DEQ letter sent to owner and municipality.
  • Registered only or Entered Old: May predate existing rules and fails to meet all rule authorization requirements or partially completed registration with failure to submit all data. Does not qualify to operate. Non-compliant with state/federal rules.
  • Permit: Applied for a permit or is operating under a WPCF permit. Compliant
  • To Clean Up, ICP/VCP: Site found during review to be contaminated. Referred to cleanup and added to the cleanup database. Must be remediated before existing or new UICs can be allowed or existing UICs must be closed.
  • Under Review: Registration forms send in and data entered, awaiting review.
  • Abandoned: Cannot document that the UIC was closed following existing rules (state/federal) to protect groundwater. May be contaminated. Liable for further fines, fees, cleanup or enforcement.
  • Decommissioned or closed: DEQ received and approved closure to meet federal/state standards. Compliant.


For questions about UIC applications please contact the UIC Program via Your DEQ Online Helpdesk.

Alternatively you may email the UIC program at:, or call the UIC Permit Coordinator at 503-229-5623.

For technical UIC- related questions please contact:

Kevin Weberling
UIC Senior Hydrogeologist


For questions about policy and program development please contact:

Derek Sandoz
UIC Program Coordinator