Water Quality Permits

Current actions

Proposed 1200-C Construction Stormwater Discharge General Permit Renewal

DEQ intends to renew the 1200-C Permit, and invites the public to provide oral and written comment on the conditions of the proposed 1200-C water quality permit, known officially as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Stormwater General Discharge Permit. 

DEQ is now accepting public comments on the proposed 1200-C draft permit. The comment period closes on Oct. 30, 2020 at 5 p.m.

The public notice packet includes:

1200-C Virtual public hearing

DEQ will hold a virtual public hearing to accept verbal comments. Anyone can attend the hearing by webinar or phone.

Oct. 28, 2020, 1 p.m.
This hearing will be online and by teleconference only.

1200-CN permit modification

DEQ has modified the 1200-CN Construction Stormwater General Permit to include the following as 1200-CN Jurisdictions, also referred to as Qualified Local Programs:
  • City of Keizer
  • Marion County
  • Oak Lodge Water Services District

1200-CN Construction Stormwater General Permit

​In some local jurisdictions with eligible stormwater programs, qualifying construction activities that disturb less than five acres will be automatically covered under the 1200-CN permit when they receive the local construction permit. In a few jurisdictions, construction activities that disturb less than one acre are automatically covered. Information needed to determine if your project qualifies for the 1200-CN is available below.
Owners and operators of automatically covered construction activities must comply with performance requirements and other terms of the 1200-CN permit, but do not submit a DEQ application or pay fees to DEQ. Owners and operators must comply with all applicable local code, ordinance and permit requirements. The local jurisdiction will provide a copy of the 1200-CN permit when construction is approved. If you do not obtain 1200-CN coverage through the local jurisdiction, you must register for the 1200-C. The 1200-CN applies only to the jurisdictions listed below. Please read the permit to determine if your project meets all the eligibility requirements.

1200-CN Application

1200-CN Application Instructions

1200-CN Jurisdictions for Construction Activities 
That will disturb less than 5 acres:

  • Albany
  • Corvallis
  • Eugene
  • Keizer
  • Marion County
  • Milwaukie
  • Oak Lodge Water Services District
  • Springfield
  • West Linn
  • Wilsonville
  • Clackamas County Water Environment Services
  • Rogue Valley Sewer Services
  • Clean Water Services
  • Lane County within the MS4 Phase II Permit area
  • Multnomah County (unincorporated portions of the county)

That will disturb less than 1 acre:

  • Gresham
  • Troutdale
  • Wood Village

1200 Series Construction Stormwater Permits 

1200-C Construction Stormwater General Permit

Effective Dec. 15, 2015 through Dec. 14, 2020     

Sites less than one acre: 1200-C Stormwater Discharge Permit applications
  • Fact Sheet: Small Lot 1200-C Permit Coverage
    This explains when a permit is required for construction projects that disturb less than one acre, and outlines how to obtain a permit.

A 1200-C permit is required for a construction site less than one acre, if it is part of a “common plan of development or sale” disturbing one or more acres. Examples of a large common development or sale include a subdivision, a business park, or industrial park. Individual builders, business owners and home owners must apply for the 1200-C if their construction is within a larger project.

However, small-lot construction sites within specific local government agencies’ jurisdictions will be managed through local codes and automatically covered under a NPDES 1200-CN Permit, not through the DEQ-administered 1200-C permit. See 1200-CN coverage below to determine if your project is within an eligible jurisdiction.

The DEQ Small Lot Construction Manual includes a template for the required Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. In almost all cases, this template can be used instead of developing a site-specific plan. A location map and site sketch are used to provide necessary site-specific details. Please see the manual for further details.

Sites one acre or more: 1200-C Stormwater Discharge Permit applications Forms Technical assistance


Public Notice of NPDES Construction Stormwater General Permit 1200-C Permit Applications
Lists 1200-C applications for projects that disturb 5 acres or more of land and are currently in the 14-day (10 business days) public review period. Includes locations for reviewing documents and information on where to send comments.

1200-CA (Government Agencies) Construction Stormwater General Permit

1200-CA (Government Agencies) Permit Copy
This permit document is for reference purposes only. 1200-CA is no longer available to new applicants.  Please use 1200-C instead.


Technical assistance


For more information,visit our contacts page for the local DEQ office or agent.