Water Quality Permits

What permit holders need to know

DEQ requires permit holders in Oregon to monitor for various toxic pollutants and uses the results to determine if the permit holder’s discharge is likely to cause or contribute to violations of Oregon’s water quality criteria.
In order to streamline the receipt and analysis of this data, DEQ has developed an Electronic Data Delivery system.  Under EDD, permit holders provide DEQ with toxics monitoring data according to a standard format.  The DEQ lab then reviews the data before providing it to DEQ permit staff.


Find out more about Electronic Data Delivery

This information guide will help you:
  • Find out if you need to submit toxics data to DEQ
  • Submit toxics data to DEQ. The toxics data must be submitted on a labeled CD, and include the following:
    • EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) - an Excel spreadsheet that includes monitoring results according to a particular format. 
    • Analytical Report
    • Chain of Custody information
  • Obtain toxics data for use in Reasonable Potential Analysis"