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Post Graduate Scholar Programs

The Post Graduate Scholar Program is a safety net for high school students who have earned a high school diploma, earned below a 2.5 GPA (thus not eligible for Oregon Promise), and are ineligible for the PELL Grant or the grant does not cover one year of college tuition and fees.


The Post-Graduate Scholars program was created by SB1537 (Enrolled) during the 2016 legislative session. SB1537 establishes criteria by which a school district may offer a post-graduate scholar program to receive and expend State School Fund (SSF) moneys for students who have satisfied requirements for a high school diploma. The bill seeks to have students access federal and state higher education funds to support college tuition before State School Fund money is provided. The bill also seeks to define and establish parameters for the 5th-year programs and to create a formal program whereby students who have completed four years of high school and have met the diploma requirements can remain in high school for one more year and attend community college for college credit. Please feel free to view The Oregon Department of Education’s Legislative Report on SB 1537.

Resources and Guidance

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