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ODE does fingerprint background checks for newly hired non-certified school district employees, charter schools, private schools and their contractors as authorized in ORS 326.603. This statute does not allow ODE to require fingerprints if a person was fingerprinted in a school district or private school and is currently seeking to work in another district or private school, unless the person lived outside the state during the time interval between working for the two districts or private schools. 
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Statutes & Rules


  • ORS 326.603

    Authority of school districts and schools to obtain fingerprints and criminal records check of employees and contractors; fee.
  • Disqualifying Crimes

    Subject individuals who have been convicted of any of the crimes listed in ORS 342.143, or the substantial equivalent of any of those crimes if the conviction occurred in another jurisdiction or in Oregon under a different statutory name or number, shall be refused continued employment or have employment terminated upon notification from the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • OAR for 581-021-0500 Fingerprinting Rule for Districts

  • Fingerprinting of subject individuals in positions not requiring licensure as teachers, administrators, personnel specialists, school nurses.

  • ORS 342.143

  • Issuance of licenses and registrations with list of disqualifying crimes as referenced in OAR 581-021-0500 and ORS 326.603.
    • OAR for 581-045-0586 Private Schools

      Fingerprinting of subject individuals employed by private schools in positions not requiring licensure as teachers, administrators, personnel specialists, school nurses.

    Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Verification For Employees


    Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Clearance Request


    Fieldprint Information

    Memo for Electronic Fingerprint Capture for Non-Licensed Staff






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