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Welcome to Oregon Administrative Rules 

This page provides links to rules for School Bus Driver Training, Licensing, and School Bus Standards. 

581-053-0002  Purpose and Applicability

581-053-0003  Definitions

581-053-0004  General

581-053-0010  Rules Governing Pupils Riding School Buses and School Activity Vehicles

581-053-0021  Minimum Record Retention Requirements

581-053-0031  Driving Hour Limitations

581-053-0040  Physical Examinations

581-053-0050  Driving and Criminal Records

581-053-0060  Refusals, Suspensions, Revocations and Invalid Certificates

581-053-0070  School Bus and School Activity Vehicle Acquisition, Maintenance and Inspection

581-053-0100  Non-Driving Related Certificates — Generally

581-053-0110  Supervisor Certificate

581-053-0120  Vehicle Inspector Certificate

581-053-0130  Assistant Trainer Certificate

581-053-0135  Reference Point Trainer Certificate

581-053-0140  Behind-the-Wheel Trainer Certificate

581-053-0145  Behind-the-Wheel Probationary Trainer Certificate

581-053-0150  Third Party Examiner Training and Support

581-053-0160  Core Instructor Certificate

581-053-0170  Core Refresher Instructor Certificate

581-053-0180  Transporting Students with Special Needs Instructor Certificate

581-053-0210  Administrative Requirements Pertaining to School Buses

581-053-0220  School Bus Driver’s Permit and Certificate

581-053-0225  Approved Training for School Bus Drivers

581-053-0230  Rules Pertaining to School Bus Drivers

581-053-0240  Minimum Standards for School Buses

581-053-0250  Retrofit Standards for Oregon School Buses

581-053-0310  Administrative Requirements Pertaining to Type 10 School Activity Vehicles

581-053-0320  Type 10 Driver Training and Approval

581-053-0330  Rules Pertaining to Type 10 Drivers

581-053-0340  Minimum Standards for Type 10 School Activity Vehicles

581-053-0410  Transportation Entity Requirements for Type 20 School Activity Vehicle Operation

581-053-0420  Type 20 Training and Certification

581-053-0430  Rules Pertaining to Type 20 Drivers

581-053-0440  Minimum Standards for Purpose Built Type 20 Vehicles

581-053-0445  Use of a School Bus as a Type 20 Vehicle

581-053-0511  District Requirements for Type 21 School Activity Vehicle Operation

581-053-0521  Type 21 Driver Training and Certification

581-053-0531  Rules Pertaining to Type 21 Drivers

581-053-0540  Minimum Standards for Type 21 Vehicles

581-053-0610  District Requirements for use of a Special Pupil Activity Bus

581-053-0615  Special Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Motor Carrier Requirements

581-053-0620  SPAB Driver Training and Certification

581-053-0630  Rules Pertaining to SPAB Drivers

581-053-0640  Minimum Standards for Special Pupil Activity Buses

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