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Accountability Measures

Archived Reports

Below are links to additional information related to school and district accountability. They include additional assessment results, detailed information on highly qualified teachers, state results for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, school attendance, and more. These data supplement the data appearing on school and district report cards, which are available at the At-A-Glance Profiles and Accountability Details web page.

Accountability Details Media File

This file contains all the indicator data that is included in the school-level Accountability Detail reports.

Report Card Rating Details Media Files

These files contain the achievement, growth, and graduation data that is included in the school-level Rating Detail Sheet reports.


Oregon Statewide Assessment

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

Attendance and Absenteeism

Attendance AMO and Regular Attenders (Not Chronically Absent) reports

Chronic Absenteeism

The 2015 Oregon Legislature enacted House Bill (HB) 4002 which directed the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Chief Education Office (CEdO) to develop a joint statewide education plan to address chronic absences of students.

Class Size Report

In 2014-15, the Oregon Department of Education began producing and reporting class size data for all core subjects.

Cohort Graduation Rate

The cohort graduation rate is the percentage of students in a cohort who graduate within a particular time frame, such as four or five years. A cohort is defined as the set of students that enter high school for the first time in a given school year.


This report presents dropout rates for students who dropped out of grades 9-12 between July 1 and June 30 by school, district, and county, along with rates for student subgroups.

Percentage of Classes Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT)

See NCLB Non-Regulatory Guidance for the federal definition and requirements.

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