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Dropout Rates in Oregon High Schools


Dropout data is collected in the Annual Cumulative Average Daily Membership (ADM) Data Collection each year at the end of the school year, which identifies students' enrollment dates and status as of the last day of enrollment for the year.

A dropout is a student who withdrew from school and did not graduate or transfer to another school that leads to graduation. Dropouts do NOT include students who:

  • are deceased,
  • are being home schooled,
  • are enrolled in an alternative school or hospital education program,
  • are enrolled in a juvenile detention facility,
  • are enrolled in a foreign exchange program,
  • are temporarily absent because of suspension, a family emergency, or severe health problems that prevent attendance at school,
  • received a GED certificate,
  • received an adult high school diploma from a community college.

Rules developed by the Oregon Department of Education ensure a complete accounting of students who drop out during the school year, as well as students who drop out between school years.

Oregon’s dropout reporting procedures are in full agreement with the procedures developed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for uniform and comparable reporting of dropout rates by the states.

Graduation rates for accountability can be found on the Cohort Graduation Rate page.

Dropout Rate and Exit Adjustment Policy and Technical Manual (posted 11/1/2021)

For more information, please contact Jon Wiens at 503-947-5764.

Dropout Data

Dropout Reports

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