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Modified Diploma, Extended Diploma and Alternative Certificates

This page gives an explanation of all diploma types that students may leave school with so they are prepared for postsecondary education experience, integrated employment, and citizenship.
Diploma Options FAQs 15-16 - Definition, eligibility criteria, guidelines, credit requirements and general implementation information.
House Bill 2283 Technical Assistance - TA document for House Bill 2283 for Modified Diplomas, Extended Diplomas, and Alternative Certificates (eff. 7/1/11)
Special Education Teachers HQ 2014-2015 - A chart of teaching assignments and highly qualified (HQ) teacher requirements
Alternative Certificate OAR 581-022-1135 - OAR 581-022-1135 Alternative Certificate adopted by the State Board of Education Jan. 20, 2012.
Extended Diploma - OAR 581-022-1133 adopted by the State Board of Education October 24, 2014.
Modified Diploma OAR 581-022-1134 - OAR 581-022-1134 Modified Diploma adopted by the State Board of Education Jan. 20, 2012.
Oregon Diploma - Preparing each student for advanced learning, work and citizenship.
Funding Your Education - A Guide to Federal Student Aid.

Diploma Options Archive - These are a collection of documents that are out of date and have been archived here for future reference.

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