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Key Secondary Transition Provisions

Explanation of key secondary provisions that lay the groundwork for quality transition planning.

Student Participation
Details of requirements for student involvement in development of the IEP.
Agency Participation
Description of requirements for agency participation in providing agreed-upon transition services contained in the IEP.
Postsecondary Goals
Description of requirements for inclusion in IEP of appropriate post-secondary goals based upon age appropriate transition assessments.
Secondary Transition Services
Description of transition services, including courses of study, to be included in the first IEP to be in effect when the student is 16.
Procedural Safeguards: Transfer of Rights
Description of procedural safeguard rights associated with IDEA which transfer to the student at the age of majority.
Summary of Performance
Description of the requirement for a Summary of Performance provided to students graduating from secondary school with a regular diploma, or leaving due to exceeding the age eligibility for a free appropriate public education.
Summary of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (SOP)
School districts may use the Summary of Performance as a tool to assist Vocational Rehabilitation in determining eligibility.

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