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Transition Resources

Birth Injury Guide - A comprehensive informational website intended to provide helpful information and guidance to parents of children with birth injuries
Employment and Disability Information - A listing of websites providing information and resources on ADA issues, assistive technology resources, VR services and more.
Examples-Nonexamples: Students with Severe Disabilities - This document provides a case study of a student with severe disabilities including postsecondary goals, annual goals, transition services, evidence of coordination, age-appropriate transition assessment and courses of study.

Foster Care Connections
   Transition/Post-Secondary Supports

GED Option Program Sites, Applications and Forms - Districts, schools and program names are provided annually that maintain local GED Option Programs.
GED Option (16-18, in School) - The GED Testing Service (GEDTS) enables approved states to provide access to the GED Option Program for selected secondary students who are enrolled in school.
National Resources - This list includes many programs conducting research or offering transition information on nationally recognized programs.
Online Colleges in South Dakota - A collection of tools and resources designed to give you a fresh perspective on earning your degree from one of South Dakota’s online colleges.
Oregon Community Resources - These sites provide Oregon specific information on programs and agencies dealing with transition issues.
ODDS Staff Tools - As many of you already know, Oregon Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) has "Staff Tools" sites that hold a lot of great information. The most frequently updated Staff Tools pages are:

Preparing for College/Postsecondary Education - These resources assist students with disabilities and their parents to prepare for college or postsecondary education.
National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) - Improving Postsecondary Outcomes for All Students with Disabilities.
BOLI Labor Laws - Summary of Child Labor Laws.

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