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ODE USDA Foods Statewide Processing Agreements


The Oregon Department of Education conducted Requests for Proposals for pricing of USDA Foods processed end products. The resulting pricing agreements are on this page. The products and prices are available to all Oregon National School Lunch Program Recipient Agencies (must meet processor order minimums). They have been competitively procured in compliance with all Federal and State Procurement regulations. Sponsors are responsible for diverting USDA Foods to these processors and arranging for orders/delivery with the processor/broker if they wish to use the agreements. Processors may ship via direct delivery, through a distributor, or through the state warehouse (Alpine Food Distribution DBA Tools for Schools/GoodSource).

(blacked out rows means contract not yet signed/executed, when items become available they will display)

This document provides price, item number, pass through value credit, crediting for meal pattern, allergen information, minimum order size, delivery terms and much more. ODE can provide original RFP, contract, and amendments upon request. Please refer to the ODE Diversion/Processing page, SEPDS dropdown box, to look up more specific processor information for products in the agreements.

How do I use these ODE Agreements?

  • How to use ODE USDA Foods Processing Agreements

    The processing agreements, by themselves, are not a binding contract. The authorized purchaser and contractor must enter into binding and enforceable contract for the specific products listed.

  • Price Agreement Contract Template (Ordering Instrument)

    This contract template can be used by sponsors to connect to the state pricing agreements. You need to send the Contract (Ordering Instrument) to the contact listed on the right side of the products/pricing document. You use these same contacts to confirm order and establish delivery terms.

If sponsors wish to view specific terms outlined in the pricing agreements, they can request a copy by e-mailing the Oregon FDP at ODE Food Distribution. ODE is the contract administrator for these agreements, and can work to resolve problems or issues.

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