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Direct Delivery

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This page is dedicated to USDA Direct Delivery Foods.

 These are finished products that USDA procures and ships to Oregon Department of Education's central distribution warehouse to be distributed to Recipient Agencies (RAs) across the State. Oregon is a demand driven state, and only orders what RAs request. These products are minimally processed and are typically lower in fat and sodium than their commercial counterparts. These items are typically aligned with CN menus and procured at a good price by USDA. Some of these items are procured locally and regionally, State of Origin information is located on the USDA FNS website. There is a wide variety of bulk and individually wrapped products available.

Direct Delivery Crediting/Product Information 

USDA Direct Delivery Product Information Sheets
These documents give crediting, cooking, and other important information for RAs.

Direct Delivery Product Availability

How do I order USDA Direct Delivery Foods?

  • All USDA Foods Direct Delivery products are ordered in the USDA's Web-Based-Supply-Chain-Management-System (WBSCM) typically during the spring. On occasion, there may be additional ordering opportunties. These foods then start arriving in the State Warehouse in July before schools starts. Foods continue to arrive throughout the school year, while the school has the flexibility to release them for delivery from the State Warehouse whenever is most convenient. 
  • All USDA Foods Direct Delivery products received by the State Warehouse can be released for delivery using our contractor's web based inventory release system called Webstore. Webstore aligns with our order/delivery calendar. There is a 20 case minimum per delivery site, with the exception being the final delivery period.
  • Surplus Direct Delivery Foods may be posted and claimed using the ODE USDA Foods Transfer Post. It changes constantly so RAs should check back often.

Service Fees

  • The service fee for SY 2021-22 will be $.10 per lb for all Direct Delivery Foods. This means some cases will cost less or more depending on case weight. This rate covers handling, storage, delivery, and some administration of the USDA Foods program. The price per case based on this rate is published on the USDA Foods available list. Any foods left in the warehouse over 90 days will be charged an additional fee of $.75 per case, per month.
  • Fees are taken from claims for reimbursement. To see fees associated with USDA Foods, please access CNPweb. Click on reports, then click invoice details. The billing in CNPweb is based on the value of commodities received report from the USDA's WBSCM system, which reflects inventory received at the State warehouse. Please note that there may be a billing timing difference between what has been received at the State warehouse versus a RAs physical delivery location.
  • PLEASE NOTE: ODE CNP covers some or all USDA FDP administration costs, and also applies annually for USDA funds to subsdize costs incurred for RAs. Please pay attention to memos and news announcements for this information. These funds significantly reduce the cost of the program.

ODE Warehouse/Transportation Contract Information

ODE conducts a competitive RFP every 5 years for warehousing/transportation services. The current contract is awarded to Gold Star Foods with the warehouse being located in Clackamas, OR. ODE pays costs directly to the contractor, the RA pays ODE through service fees. RAs should reach out to ODE in the event of an issue with the contractor.

Damage/Quality Issues

If a RA has an issue with a Direct Delivered product, rejection at the time of delivery with contractor is preferred. If damage or other issue is discovered later or was concealed, it should be reported directly to ODE. Either way, RAs should submit a complaint form along with pictures. ODE will typically refund service fees and entitlement. ODE works hard to ensure customer satisfaction.


Program Contacts

Chris Facha, USDA Foods Program Administrator
E-mail: Chris Facha Phone: 503-947-5896

Sarah English, USDA Foods Program Coordinator
E-mail: Sarah English Phone: 503-947-5748

Beatrice Cameron, USDA Foods Program Administrative Specialist
E-mail: Beatrice Cameron  Phone:503-400-5245

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