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This page is meant to assist recipient agencies and processors with diverting USDA Foods for further processing. USDA Foods processed products allow recipient agencies the flexibility to purchase what they want and when that meets the needs of their students. Agencies 'divert' USDA bulk pounds to processers who then take that bulk product and lower the cost of the finished product for the agency. This often results in the agency being able to offer finished products that it wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. 

COVID-19 Feeding Update 

Many recipient agencies are operating under alternating feeding options in response to Covid-19. ODE has compiled a list of available Processor Grab-N-Go end products that are easier to utilize during this disruption. Recipient agencies can utilize their processor inventory balances with processors and reduce food cost by ordering these products. Please contact the appropriate processor/broker to order.

List of Grab-N-Go products

Summary End Product Data Schedules (SEPDS)

SEPDS are used by recipient agencies to identify what food product to divert to 

what processor and diverted food value (DFV). Once the proper planning and forecasting has been completed, recipient agencies use this information to place orders in the WBSCM system to divert USDA pounds to a processor.


Processor Commodity Calculators

Commodity calculators are used by recipient agencies to plan and place orders with processors. For assistance with the calculators, recipient agencies will need to contact the individual processor. A competitive procurement is still required prior to placing order with processor.


Processing Resources

Annual State Renewal Information for Processors

Service Fees

The service fee for SY 2020-21 will be $.10 per lb for all diversion/processing pounds (same as direct delivery). This fee covers administration of the USDA Foods processing program. Fees are taken from claims for reimbursement. To see fees associated with USDA Foods, please access CNPweb. Click on reports, then click invoice details.

PLEASE NOTE: ODE CNP not only covers some USDA FDP administration costs, but it also applies annually for USDA funds to refund costs incurred to Recipient Agencies. Please pay attention to memos and announcements for this information. These funds significantly reduce the cost of the program.

Carryover Policy

ODE's pound carryover sweep policy that normally occurs at the end of December has been suspended for SY 2020-21 given the unique planning challenges that are occurring. Due to numerous diversion/processing trucks being cancelled, ODE is sweeping and using carryover to balance pounds being cancelled. RAs will receive communications from ODE as to what the reductions will mean for them. 

Program Contacts

ApplesChris Facha, USDA Foods Program Administrator

E-mail: Chris Facha Phone: 503-947-5896

Sarah English, USDA Foods Program Coordinator

E-mail: Sarah English Phone: 503-947-5748

Vacant, USDA Foods Program Administrative Specialist

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