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State Board Meeting 10-17-2013

Click below for the agenda, minutes and board actions from the October 17, 2013 meeting of the State Board of Education. 

October 17, 2013

Handouts and Presentations

2013-2014 District Collaboration Grants Awarded 
Oregon's Workforce System
Public Testimony: Closing the Achievement Gap for African American Students Grant 
Public Testimony: Eola Hills Charter Waiver Request 
College and Career Readiness Review 
College and Career Ready ELP Standards
Affirmative Action Presentation 
The Use of Physical Restraint & Seclusion in Schools
Process to Renew Charter OAR 581-020-0359
State Sponsored Charter School Site Visit Schedule 2013-2014
Eola Hills Charter School Waiver Request 
Additional Remote Small School Weighting OAR 581-023-0015
Employment-Related Transition Services OAR 581-015-2000 OAR 581-015-2245 OAR 581-015-2930
Adoption of CCSS English Language Arts and Instructional Literacy Materials 
Physical Restraint and Seclusion Amendments and New Rules OAR 581-021-0550 OAR 581-021-0553 OAR 581-021-0556 
College and Career Readiness Review Updates 
Increasing Diversity at the Department of Education 
Oregon Workforce Investment Board Report 
Contracted Out-of-District Reimbursement OAR 589-002-0120
Strategic Initiaties - Guiding Principles OAR 581-017-0005 OAR 581-017-0010 OAR 581-017-0020
Early Reading Opportunities Grant - Temporary Rules OAR 581-017-0100 OAR 581-017-0105 OAR 581-017-0110 OAR 581-017-0115
Network for Quality Teaching and Learning - Guiding Principles Rules OAR 581-018-0005 OAR 581-018-0010 OAR 581-018-0020
School District Collaboration Grant Program Rules OAR 581-018-0100 OAR 581-018-0105 OAR 581-018-0110 OAR 581-018-0115 OAR 581-018-0120 OAR 581-018-0125
Dual-Language/Two-Way Bilingual Grant OAR 581-018-0200 OAR 581-018-0205 OAR 581-018-0210 OAR 581-018-0215 OAR 581-018-0220 OAR 581-018-0225
District Continuous Improvement Plan OAR 581-022-0606
Adoption of CCSS English Language Arts and Literacy Instructional Materials 
Community College Program Approval: Fitness Technology 
Closing the Achievement Gap for African American Students Grant - Temporary Rules OAR 581-018-0225 OAR 581-018-0230 OAR 581-018-0235 OAR 581-018-0240 OAR 581-018-0245 OAR 581-018-0250
English Language Proficiency Standards - PowerPoint Presentation 
English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards Adoption 
Mentoring, Monitoring and Acceleration Grant Program - Temporary Rules OAR 581-017-0200 OAR 581-017-0205 OAR 581-017-0210 OAR 581-017-0215 OAR 581-017-0220
Smarter Balanced Field Test Model Selection
The Search for Qualified Workers 

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