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Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance and Resources

Provides guidance and resources for students, families, and district use during the 2020-2021 school year.

Mathematics Overview

On October 28, 2010, the State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which represent K-12 learning expectations for students in English-language arts and mathematics. The Common Core State Standards are the foundation of the Oregon Diploma. They reflect the same high academic expectations for all students, and have embedded in them the Essential Skills of reading, writing, and applying mathematics. Read more in the Common Core Fact Sheet.

​The Oregon Math Leaders Network is a community of math practitioners who work together to implement and support math teaching and learning in Oregon. Participants include teacher leaders, TOSAs, program administrators, college faculty, and math community partners. If you identify as a math leader, you are! We support each other personally and professionally by asking critical questions, collaborating on problems of practice, and sharing our work. 

Because this network spans the state, the topics of our collaboration will generally be driven by district needs. Examples of such activities include:

  • Professional learning opportunities, for both teachers and administrators.
  • Curating and sharing promising resources and effective strategies.
  • Support for evaluation and implementation of instructional materials.
  • Support for building-level activities such as lesson study groups and one-on-one discussions.
  • Networking with other math leaders across Oregon.

For the 2020-21 school year, the network plans to meet virtually on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

In addition to the monthly meetings, the Network will have the opportunity to participate in occasional “special events” such as professional learning opportunities and guest speakers. Opportunities to register for these special events will be advertised through the Oregon Math Leaders Network as well as the Oregon Math Educator Update newsletter.


​Math Standards Review process and details to be posted after January 21, 2021.

​Oregon has taken on work to re-imagine math experiences and policies statewide to remove systemic educational barriers in math. The vision of the Oregon Math Project is to transform instruction by attending to student choice, agency, and belonging in mathematics so all learners experience the joy, beauty, and wonder of mathematics.​ The periodic review of the Oregon K-12 mathematics standards scheduled this school year, is an opportunity to focus content and align to the vision of transformed math instruction.

Online feedback sessions have been set up in January and February 2021 to give participants an opportunity to learn more about the K-12 math review and revision. Feedback sessions will be held virtually by Education Service Districts across the state and each session is open for statewide partner attendance. You may attend any session(s) and can register through the links below:

Clackamas ESD

  • K-8 Session: February 4th, 2021 @ 2:45pm PT
  • High School Session: February 4th, 2021 @ 4:00pm PT
  • Registration Link

Douglas ESD

  • K-8 Session: January 22nd, 2021 @ 3:00pm PT
  • High School Session: January 22nd, 2021 @ 1:00pm PT
  • Registration Link

High Desert ESD

  • K-8 Session: February 9th, 2021 @ 4:00pm PT
  • High School Session: February 16th, 2021 @ 4:00pm PT
  • Registration Link

Intermountain ESD

  • K-8 Session: January 26th, 2021 @ 4:00pm PT
  • High School Session: January 27th, 2021 @ 4:00pm PT
  • Registration Link

Lane ESD

Multnomah ESD

  • K-8 Session: February 23, 2021 @ 3:30pm PT
  • High School Session: February 17, 2021 @ 3:30pm PT
  • Registration Link

South Coast ESD

  • K-8 Session: February 5th, 2021 @ 3:30pm PT
  • High School Session: February 12th, 2021 @ 4:00pm PT
  • Registration Link​

Southern Oregon ESD

Willamette ESD

For questions regarding the ODE Mathematics program, email Mark Freed or call 503-947-5610.

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