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On October 28, 2010, the State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which represent K-12 learning expectations for students in English-language arts and mathematics. The Common Core State Standards are the foundation of the Oregon Diploma. They reflect the same high academic expectations for all students, and have embedded in them the Essential Skills of reading, writing, and applying mathematics. Read more in the Common Core Fact Sheet.



"Math Teacher Update"

Since 2008, the ODE Math specialist has shared updates to the field through the Oregon Math Teacher newsletter. This was done using a listserve that pushed approximately 6 to 7 updates out to the field during the school year.  Of course, events are always occurring in the state that may not fall on when a newsletter may be sent.

To improve communication to the field, the update newsletter will be shifting to an online format. The benefits of this would include the ability to publish news as we learn about it and not wait to include it in the next newsletter.  The Oregon Math Teacher listserve will still be used as a monthly digest of new topics to let the field of updates on the teacher update site and provide direct links announcements and resources.

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