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OSAS Mathematics Assessment


Oregon's Statewide Mathematics Assessments include summative computer-adaptive tests, performance tasks, and interim assessment blocks for students in grades 3-8 and high school, as well as local performance assessments designed to elicit student evidence of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Assessments and Resources

Oregon offers over 85 math interim assessments blocks (IABs) that are designed to be embedded in the learning process. Most IABs are composed of 8-15 items and take approximately 30-45 minutes for most students to complete. Other distinguishing features of Oregon’s interim assessments are:
  • IABs are fully aligned to the depth and breadth of Oregon standards
  • IABs provide smaller bundles of content that can be used as needed for “just in time” adjustments
  • IABs allow for frequent and flexible use
  • IABs can be easily embedded within mathematics unit maps (learn how!​)
  • Interim items include all accessibility resources available in Oregon’s summative assessments
  • IABs can be used outside of students’ grade level
  • IABs connect directly to instructional next steps in Tools for Teachers
For more information, please visit ODE’s Interim Assessment webpage.
  • Oregon's Mathematics Sample and Training Tests​​
    Sample and Training Tests provide students and teachers with a preview of test questions.

  • Oregon Summative Assessment Sample Items
    This site provides examples of test questions used on the Oregon Summative Assessment in English language arts and mathematics. Teachers, parents, students, administrators, and policymakers can experience these test items just as students encounter them.

    These sample items are not intended to be used as practice tests, but educators can use them to better understand how the Oregon Summative Assessment measures college- and career-ready knowledge and skills​.​
  • Understanding Student Scores​​​

  • Assessment Results
    The reports on this page display the percent of students meeting or exceeding the achievement standards that were in place during the academic year the results are reported.

  • Accessing Target Reports
    Target reports show the performance of groups of students on grade-level targets compared to proficiency, as well as which of these targets are relative strengths and weaknesses.​

​In Oregon, the Performance Assessment Requirement states that school districts shall administer one or more performance assessment each year to all students in grades 3 through 8 and in high school in: mathematics, scientific inquiry, speaking, and writing.

Performance assessments must be a standardized measure (e.g., activity, exercise, problem, or work sample scored by a common scoring instrument, such as the official state scoring guides or another scoring guide adopted by the district) that is embedded in the school curriculum and evaluates the application of students’ knowledge and skills. Work Samples, scored using the official state scoring guide, are just one example of acceptable performance assessments. Districts have substantial flexibility when it comes to planning the performance assessments that will be used to fulfill this requirement.

In addition to the required areas, districts are encourage to consider administering local performance assessments in other skill areas as appropriate to the local curriculum. For instance, districts may choose to administer local performance assessments in any of the other areas, such as Social Science Analysis.

Essential Skills and Performance Assessment Manual
This reference document describes the requirements for Local Performance Assessment administration.

Scoring Guide and Feedback Forms

For local performance assessments, districts may locally develop scoring guidelines so that they can provide feedback to students, or they may use the state Scoring Guide.

Sample Tasks and Scored Student Work

  • Understanding Proficiency: Performance Tasks

    Resources to help educators develop a deeper understanding of the Oregon K-12 Mathematics Standards by analyzing student work on performance tasks. Central to these resources are samples of real student work on sample ELA and Math performance tasks.

​Other Resources


Professional Learning

The Oregon Math Leaders Network is a community of math practitioners who work together to implement and support math teaching and learning in Oregon. Participants include teacher leaders, TOSAs, program administrators, college faculty, and math community partners. The rule of thumb: If you identify as a math leader, you are! 

We meet virtually each month to support each other personally and professionally by asking critical questions, collaborating on problems of practice, and sharing our work. Because this network spans the state, the topics of our collaboration will generally be driven by district needs. 

To receive communication and meeting invitations, sign up with the network here​. The 2021-22 meeting schedule offers a morning (8:30-9:30am) and afternoon (3:30-4:30pm) option on the third Thursday of each month.

For more information about Oregon's Mathematics Assessment, please contact Andy Byerley at 503-947-5832.