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  • Cohort Graduation Rate

    A cohort graduation rate follows the students who are first-time high school students in a particular year and determines the percentage that graduate within a given time frame, such as four years. An extended rate, allowing one additional year for completion, is also tracked and reported as the 5-year Cohort Graduation Rates.

  • Student Enrollment Reports

    The Oregon Department of Education publicly releases student enrollment reports detailing the number of K-12 students who are enrolled on the first school day in October of each year. This report is known as the Fall Membership Report.

  • Free or Reduced Lunch Report

    This report displays the number of students eligible for free or reduced lunches by school for multiple school years (1997-1998 through 2016-2017). (Please note: This application will be decommissioned effective November 1, 2019. If you have any questions regarding access to this information after that date, please email the ODE Help Desk and we will make sure your concerns are addressed.)

  • Dropout Rates in Oregon High Schools

    Dropout data is collected in the Annual Cumulative Average Daily Membership (ADM) Data Collection each year at the end of the school year, which identifies students' enrollment dates and status as of the last day of enrollment for the year.

  • Attendance and Absenteeism

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