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EI ECSE Personnel Competencies

The EI/ECSE competencies contain three sets that address:

  1. EI/ECSE Specialists
  2. EI/ECSE Assistants
  3. EI/ECSE Supervisors

The EI/ECSE Competencies address a total of eight areas:

  1. Typical/Atypical Child Development
  2. Assessment
  3. Family
  4. Service Delivery
  5. Program Management
  6. Service Coordination
  7. Research
  8. Professional Development Values and Ethics

Not all areas are covered in each of the three competency sets. For example, the EI/ECSE Competencies for Assistants does not include the Service Coordination and Research areas. Also included is a crosswalk of the EI/ECSE Specialist and Supervisor Competencies with the Danielson Framework for Teaching and Evaluation components.

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