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State Interagency Coordinating Council

The State Interagency Coordinating Council (SICC) was established to ensure interagency coordination and to support the ongoing development of quality statewide services for young children and their families. (By Authority of IDEA and ORS 343.499.) We advise, advocate and collaborate on state, local and individual levels to maximize each child’s unique potential and ability to participate in society. We work to improve the quality of life, according to each family’s value system.

Our membership includes parents of children with disabilities under the age of 12 years receiving EI/ECSE services; public or private providers of early intervention and early childhood special education services; one member of the Legislative Assembly; personnel preparation; state agencies involved in the provision of services for preschool children with disabilities including, the Department of Education, Office of Family Health, Seniors and People with Disabilities, a representative from Head Start, the Employment Department Childcare Division, Department of Consumer and Business Services Insurance Division, Oregon Commission on Children and Families, the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center of the Oregon Health Sciences University; a representative from the State Advisory Council for Special Education, the State Coordinator for Homeless Education, Oregon Health Authority including Children's Mental Health and Addiction Services, State Medicaid Program, and Office of Medical Assistance Programs.

Our responsibilities include advising appropriate agencies on unmet needs in early childhood special education and early intervention programs for children with disabilities; reviewing and commenting publicly on any rules proposed by the State Department of Education and the distribution of funds for the services; assisting in developing and reporting data on and evaluation of the programs and services; assist in the development and implementation of policies that constitute a statewide system; assist all appropriate agencies in achieving full participation, coordination, and cooperation for implementation of statewide system; ensure provision of interagency agreements are carried out; review and comment on services and policies regarding services to assure cost-effective and efficient use of resources; and assist the department in the resolution of disputes.

Orientation manual developed to provide history and background information, as well as examples of processes and/or forms.

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