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Meet With Your Supervisor

Supervisor involvement and support has been found to be very beneficial to most applicants as they plan for and compile their initial portfolio. You should schedule time to meet with your supervisor:

Prior to developing your portfolio to

  • Assure that you are applying for the appropriate Initial Authorization;
  • Assure that you have selected the appropriate materials;
  • Identify the appropriate submittal and review date;
  • Review the application materials and portfolio
  • Review the respective mastery requirements;
  • Identify available, as well as needed documentation;
    Determine the types and numbers of observations which may be used for documentation;
  • Determine the types and numbers of letters of reference which may be used as documentation;
  • Identify any of the Frequently Asked Questions which may be beneficial for you to review.

During the development of your portfolio to

  • Discuss progress in compiling the documentation;
  • Discuss questions and/or concerns that may have arisen;
  • Review the appropriateness and adequacy of the documentation compiled to date;
  • Review the appropriateness of the documentation in relation to the mastery level.

Prior to submitting your portfolio for

  • A final review of the portfolio and the documentation which you have compiled;
  • Obtaining your supervisors signature, which is required on your Application for Authorization.