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PE Toolkit

Browse through physical education programs, grants, and supporting organizations that can help you meet Oregon physical education requirements.

Typical PE Delivery Scenarios: Elementary

Scenario 1
PE Specialist Serves All Students for 150 min/week
Look at supplemental materials that can add to your existing PE curriculum.
Scenario 2
PE Specialist + Classroom Teachers/Contractors Combine for 150min/week

Look at all available materials to see how each educator can contribute to providing PE minutes.

Scenario 3
Classroom Teachers/Contractors Serve All Students for 150min/week

Look at state-adopted standard-aligned materials to ensure your students meet PE outcomes.

State-adopted Comprehensive Materials

These programs have been adopted by the ODE as comprehensive K-12 instructional physical education materials.

State and National Standard-aligned Materials

These materials are aligned to Oregon and National Physical Education Standards and can be used to help reach the required amount of physical education minutes.

Supplemental Materials

These materials can be used to complement standard-aligned PE curriculum and programs.

Funding Opportunities

Find physical education grants and scholarships that can help your school gain funding to invest in PE teachers, programs, equipment, and more.

Other Resources

These organizations, tools, and articles regarding physical education and physical activity can help you better understand physical activity in schools.

Inclusion of the following external web links does not imply endorsement of either the reliability of the information presented or its suitability for a particular age group or grade level.




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