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State and federal rules govern everything we do at the Oregon Department of Education. The links on this page provide information on many of the most important rules. You can also read about the state rules process.

Senate Bill 744: Maintaining Oregon’s Stringent Graduation Requirements

Senate Bill 744 is a new law in Oregon related to the requirements to earn a diploma. At the heart of the law, SB 744 sets in motion a statewide process to review Oregon’s graduation requirements and make recommendations that best meet the needs of all learners to achieve the knowledge and skills identified by our businesses, community members, colleges, and universities as critical to success after high school. Part of those requirements include how students demonstrate essential skills, like reading, writing and math in order to earn a diploma. SB 744 places a temporary pause on requiring students to test in these subject areas, while maintaining Oregon’s challenging course and credit requirements required for graduation.

Pursuant to the bill’s requirements, the Oregon Department of Education will conduct education and community partner engagement sessions, review Oregon’s graduation requirements and their impacts, and research other states’ graduation requirements. A final report, with recommendations, is due for submission to the Oregon State Board of Education and the Legislature by September 1, 2022. The following three resources will be made available as a Senate Bill 744 communication toolkit. The resources include a one-pager Senate Bill 744 overview, a list of talking points related to the bill and a template letter that can be adapted and shared by districts to communicate about the bill with their local communities.

Monthly SB 744 Implementation Status Reports

Please contact ODE’s Senate Bill 744 Implementation Team with any questions, concerns, or recommendations.

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