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CIP Budget Narrative - Spending Workbook

The CIP Budget Narrative/Spending Workbook meets some of the requirements for the release of Federal funds. It describes how Federal funds will supplement District funds and programs and captures how ESEA and Perkins funds will be spent to support the attainment of the Districts’ improvement goals.

2021-22 Federal Funds Timeline
This graphic illustrates the timeline and key milestones related to the application for, use and expiration of federal funds.
CIP Budget Narrative User Guide
This guide has been developed to assist applications in understanding how the CIP Budget Narrative application works and provide guidance on the submission process.
ODE Federal Funds Guide
The purpose of this document is to provide school and district leaders, grant administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders an overview of Oregon's federal grants under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
District Methodology
The purpose of this document is to give School Districts information regarding the required Title I-A District Methodology for submitting their Title I-A Budget Narrative within the CIP Budget Narrative Application.

ESEA Assurances Information

These are the CIP Budget Narrative/Spending Worksheet Assurances for Title Programs. Assurances form a binding agreement between the local district, the Oregon Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Education that assures all legal requirements are met in accordance with state and federal laws, regulations, and rules.

The Complete List of Assurances

In order for School Districts to draw federal funds, a School District's Superintendent must fill out, sign, scan, submit and have the following assurance forms approved within the CIP Budget Narrative tool by October 1st:

Please note: Assurances will only be approved once the allocations have been uploaded to the CIP Budget Narrative.

For more information on this topic contact Kyle Walker.