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Every Day Matters - Chronic Absenteeism Why Attendance Matters

Why Attendance Matters

There's a very strong correlation between good attendance and success in school. On the other hand, students who regularly miss school are also more likely to struggle in school.

Missed days add up quickly: Just two days a month puts a child's success in jeopardy because students fall behind and disconnect. By third grade, it gets much more difficult to catch up. Students who regularly miss school can quickly feel hopeless, and returning becomes harder and harder.

The reasons for chronic absenteeism are understandable but they must be addressed. Troubleshooting issues that are keeping a student away from school can make a difference immediately and for the long term. Students with solid attendance are much more likely to be successful during school and after graduation.

State Efforts

The Oregon Department of Education has made improving chronic absenteeism a high priority, knowing that helping to identify and solve a student's root causes for regularly missing school is key to Oregon's larger effort to improve high school graduation. Oregon HB 4002 provided funding to support districts in their efforts to reduce chronic absenteeism.

District Efforts

Across Oregon, school districts are working to improve attendance through a combination of efforts. These include improving data collection, removing barriers for students, caregivers, and families, creating a school culture where all students are connected to an adult, and leverage community partners to build cross-community initiatives that raise awareness around attending school regularly and post graduation success.

Community-Based Solutions

However, many issues contribute to chronic absenteeism, and schools are looking to their communities and families for help as they develop solutions for each child. These might include easier fixes such as carpooling, or more difficult challenges such as helping connect families with housing.

If you have questions or are looking for specific information related to attendance, please contact us at EveryDayMatters.