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Title VI Indian Education

Important Reminder - In compliance to Section 6119, LEAs and LEA-Cs must submit their certified EASIE Part II application to ODE prior to 11:59PM on May 10. Submissions are now Past Due.
Directions can be found in the GovDelivery memo to Superintendents May 3 or in the slidedeck below for the April Community of Practice meeting. 

OIE - Serving the Diaspora of our Native Students

OIE - Serving the Diaspora of our Native Students

Title VI is the domino which falls to signal that an affected LEA or an LEA who is part of a consortium must engage in Tribal Consultation with any/all Tribes with unceded, aboriginal lands within 50 miles of an LEA and LEA-C boundary - NOT merely "reservation boundaries". - Section 4-A, FAQ, p. 37 of Tribal Consultation Toolkit

Oregon Schools AI/AN Enrollment Count
6,357 Federal AI/AN Students - Family and Guardian only selects AI/AN
45,368 AI/AN+ Students - This number reflects all students identifying as AI/AN. This would be AI/AN plus one or more other races, and/or AI/AN and Latino/Hispanic ethnicity

5,570 Students in Title VI
34 Total LEA's - 22 Individual School Districts
12 School Districts Served by 2 Education Service Disctricts (ESDs): Southern Oregon ESD and Columbia Gorge ESD
1 BIE and 1 Tribal Program - CTUIR
Provides $1.6 Million in Supplemental Funding

Federal AI/AN and State AI/AN+ based on 2022-2023 Data
Title VI based on 2023-2024 Data

To be enrolled in a Title VI program, a parent or guardian completes a 506 Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form, which is then verified by a designated staff member (i.e. Indian Education Coordinator). This form serves as the official record of the eligibility determination for each individual child included in the student count for the Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant Program. The grantee (school district, consortium, or the CTUIR) receives the grant funds based on the number of eligibile forms counted during the established count period. A parent or guardian is not required to complete or submit this form unless they wish for their child(ren) to be included in the Indian student count. This form should be kept on file with the grant applicant and will not need to be completed every year. 

According to federal law SEC. 6102. [20 U.S.C. 7402] Purpose of Part A Indian Education -

It is the purpose of this part to support the efforts of local educational agencies, indian tribes and organizations, postsecondary institutions, and other entities --
  1. to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of Indian students, so that such students can meet the challenging State academic standards; 
  2. to ensure that Indian students gain knowledge and understanding of Native communities, languages, tribal histories, traditions, and cultures; and
  3. to ensure that teachers, principals, other school leaders, and other staff who serve Indian students have the ability to provide culturally appropriate and effective instruction and supports to such students. 

Uplifting our AI/AN Student Success Plan Goals

One priority outlined in Oregon's AI/AN Student Success Plan (SSP) is to foster and support the capacity of the Title VI educators by creating intentional strategies to reduce professional isolation, embrace greater collaboration, and spread the expertise and insights of individual Title VI educators throughout the state. The plan states -

Objective 3: Foster and support the capacity of Title VI educators.

Overarching Strategy: Create intentional strategies designed to reduce professional isolation, foster greater collaboration and spread the expertise and insights of individual Title VI educators throughout the state.

Action Benchmarks
Support Title VI Indian educators with professional learning/exchange of best practices.
  • Quarterly meetings with Title VI Indian Educators
  • Identify and monitor AI/AN student learning needs
  • Title VI peer review/constructive feedback of their colleagues' program
  • Collaboratively develop and refine instructional techniques
  • Refine the support strategies used to help AI/AN students
Support a professional learning environment for Title VI Indian Educators.
  • Co-create protocols - a set of parameters and guidelines developed by Title VI Indian Educators - to structure group conversations and help keep the discussions focused and productive
  • Create a repository of research-based resoures for working with AI/AN students
Support strategies to improve AI/AN student outcomes.
  • Assist Title VI Indian Educators in developing materials to help schools increase Native culturally relevant and Trauma-Informed practices

Technical Support to Formula Grant Recipients

With Title VI being a federal program, all Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant applications are managed directly by the US Department of Education (USDOE). The Office of Formula Grants and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Forumla Grants leads the implementation and development of effective and efficient policies, processes for Indian Education, and strategies related to the administration and management of the organization's formula grant programs. 

As a state educational agency, our scope of supporting Title VI efforts is outlined in SEC. 6119 of the Title VI legislation. In the 2023-2025 biennium, ODE will work to achieve compliance to SEC 6119. 

Before submitting an application to the Secretary under section 6114, a local educational agency shall submit the application to the State educational agency, which may comment on such application. If the State educational agency comments on the application, the agency shall comment on all applications submitted by local educational agencies in the State and shall provide those comments to the respective local educational agencies, with an opportunity to respond.

Important note: An SEA's comments on a Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant application have no impact on the Department of Education's approval of an application.

Links to Department of Education EASIE Site for Title VI Resources

The links below are provided as a courtesy to our Title VI awardees. For comprehensive professional learning support, guidance, and resources, please navigate directly and often to the DOE EASIE Website. 

Legislative Information 
Title VI Indian Education Legislation

Department of Education Official EASIE Website 
Indian Education Formula Grant Community

New to Title VI - Start Here 
Formula Grant Program Information Webinar FY 2023-2024
EASIE New Project Director Webinar
EASIE Part I Webinar FY 2023-2024

Student Count Information
506 Application

Parent Committee Resources
Templates for Title VI Parent Committee Bylaws
Indian Parent Committee - Title VI Application Process and Addressing Concerns Webinar SY 2021-2022

Public Meeting Law and Public Hearing information 

List of LEA's and LEA-C's 

EASIE FY 2023-2024 Grant Applications - DOE Website - This is a report of all approved EASIE FY 2023-2024 applicatons. This report includes: Demographic Information; Indian Student Count; Final Allocation; Objectives/Services; Budget Category Totals; and GEPA Statement for each grantee.

Oregon FY 2023-2024 Awardees - This is a spreadsheet with all approved EASIE FY 2023-2024 applications. It includes key information from the DOE grant applications, in addition to the following pertinent information - A Title VI District Award Recipient's AI/AN+ Count, if Tribal Consultation or Meaningful and Ongoing Collaboration is required, if one or more schools in the district is designated Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) or Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), as well as a link to the school district's Integrated Application.

This document also includes all school districts who are part of the Columbia Gorge ESD Consortium and the Southern Oregon ESD Consortium. 

Monthly Community of Practice Meetings hosted by OIE

Please email Jennifer Belle at to receive the monthly invitation for these meetings if you have not previously been included in our contact outreach efforts. These meetings take place the third Tuesday of each month. 

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:
To Be Announced

May 2024 Slidedeck - Register for the Summer Learning Series and take the planning survey for SY2425!

April 2024 Slidedeck - Compliance to Section 6119

March 2024 Slidedeck

February 2024 Slidedeck

January 2024 Slidedeck

November 2023 Slidedeck

October 2023 Slidedeck

September 2023 Slidedeck

Resources from the Oregon OIE for Title VI 

Ensuring an Effective 506 Student Count

Reflection Tool for LEAs - Indian Parent Committee and Ensuring LEA Title VI Accountability

Title VI Tribal Consultation Toolkit Training - November 15th and 16th

Training Provided SeeChange - The Role of the Indian Parent Committee

For Our Newest ESD and School District Applicants
The window to register for a new Title VI program closed on December 1. We are so excited with how many ESDs and LEAs might be joining our Oregon Title VI family in the 2024-2025 school year! Please use the links below to help guide your first Title VI Indian Education application efforts and reach out to Stacy for any support you might need!

New Applicants - School Districts
New Applicants - ESD's for a Consortia Application

Contact Information

Department of Education
For all technical support and guidance for the EASIE application, as well as general compliance questions for Title VI Indian Education, please contact the Department of Education directly. 

Gregory Hindsey - or phone 202-987-1938

The DOE Partner Support Center
The Partner Support Center (PSC) is open from 8AM to 6PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Monday through Friday excluding Federal holidays
Toll Free: 877-457-3336 
Fax: 888-329-3336
Federal Relay Service: 800-877-0996 (

Oregon Department of Education (ODE)
For adaptive support and guidance, feel free to contact Stacy Parrish in the Office of Indian Education (OIE).

Phone: 971-208-0270