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American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Advisory Committee

The purpose of the AI/AN Advisory Committee is to advise the Oregon Department of Education on educational matters affecting American Indian and Alaska Natives. The AI/AN State Advisory Committee provides guidance, input, advocacy, and recommendations on policy, rules, and legislation related to Indian Education. They recommend goals and objectives for the 2020-2025 AI/AN Student Success Plan (SSP) as they are implemented by the Oregon Department of Education. 

The following are the priorities of the AI/AN Advisory Committee in accordance with the AI/AN SSP:

  • Tracking AI/AN Student Success Outcomes in accordance with the Goal 1 Objectives 1, 2, and 4 of the 2020-202 AI/AN SSP, such as graduation, achievement, and attendance rates among AI/AN students.
  • Tracking rates of discipline among AI/AN students and determining how to best address disproportionate disciplinary rates by finding solutions to decrease expulsion, suspension, and pushout rates in accordance with Goal 1, Objective 3 of the 2020-2025 AI/AN SSP. 
  • Facilitating diversity educator advancement and workforce development among Tribal students by collaborating with other ODE offices to provide educators with the technology and funding they need in order to teach their content in accordance with Goals 2 and 3 of the 2020-2025 AI/AN Student Success Plan. 
  • Focusing on schools, districts, communities, Tribal developments and engagements by incorporating the Tribal Consultation Toolkit for school districts that are required under ESSA to engage in Tribal Consultation. 
  • Facilitating and providing resources for professional development for Tribal students after completing their post-secondary education.
  • Providing new curriculum and instructions in accordance with Tribal History Shared History (THSH) by advising how each Early Learning Program in Oregon implements historically accurate, culturally embedded, and place-based lesson plans, and actively supporting language preservation, protection, and promotion of the languages spoken by the nine federally recognized Tribes of Oregon.

The AI/AN committee provides guidance, input, advocacy, and recommendations on policy, rules, and legislation related to Indian Education. They recommend goals and measurable objectives for the American Indian/Alaska Native Student Success Plan as they are implemented by the Oregon Department of Education.

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Photo courtesy of the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians - Essential Understanding of Native Americans in Oregon

Contact the Office of Indian Education

April Campbell, Assistant Superintendent:

Renee Roman Nose, Native American Student Success Coordinator:

Brent Spencer, Indian Education Coordinator:

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Stacy Parrish, Indian Education Specialist:

Raina Reece, Executive Support Specialist:

Jennifer Belle, Office Specialist:

Stephanie Gluck, Research and Data Analyst:

Meeting Materials

Please note this is a public meeting and only committee members may speak until community comment time


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