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COVID-19 Reporting

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is publishing data on COVID-19 cases associated with schools that offer in-person instruction. This is to inform the public of potential COVID-19 exposure and to provide transparency surrounding COVID-19 in schools. School is defined as any place of learning for student in kindergarten through 12th grade, or a subset, with at least 30 students enrolled. This includes but is not limited to: public school, private schools, parochial and charter schools. Staff is defined as any person who works at the school regardless of their position. Staff include any person who are working part-time or full-time at the school. Volunteer is defined as any person who volunteers onsite.

The tables linked below include all schools that have one or more case of COVID-19 in students or staff/volunteers with onset within the last 28 days. Schools that have one or more case of COVID-19 in students or staff/volunteers with onset greater than 28 days will be moved to a separate table. Archived schools with COVID-19 cases, defined as no new cases in 56 days after the last case’s onset will be removed from the COVID-19 Weekly Report.

Note: To protect the privacy of those involved, no names will be released. Data are provisional and subject to change as additional test results are received and public health investigations proceed. Please refer to the September 30 Memo to School and District Leaders for more details. 

Weekly Reports

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