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Every Day Matters - Chronic Absenteeism Statutes and Rules

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS)-Laws

Compulsory School Attendance - scroll as needed to find desired location in document.

  • 339.010 School attendance required
  • 339.020 Duty to send children to school
  • 339.030 Exemptions from compulsory school attendance; rules
  • 339.035 Teaching by private teacher, parent or guardian; rules
  • 339.040 Attendance supervisors
  • 339.055 Duties of attendance supervisors
  • 339.065 Estimates of attendance; irregular attendance; excused absences
  • 339.071 Attendance notification policy
  • 339.080 Nonattendance notice to parents, school officials and parole or probation officer
  • 339.090 Determination of compliance; notice to district superintendent
  • 339.095 Compulsory school attendance violation procedure; rules
  • 339.250 Policies on discipline, suspension, expulsion (related to attendance)
  • 339.280 Student grading policies; consideration of attendance allowed 

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARS)-Rules

School governance and Student Conduct

Chronic Absenteeism

Tribal Attendance Promising Practices

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