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Assessment Technical Manuals

Technical Documentation


The documents provided here describe the development, operational procedures, and technical features of Oregon's assessment system. The annual report (Volume 1) is updated every year to describe student performance and document changes to the system and assessment related activities undertaken during the year. The Department updates Volumes 2 through 10 as new information becomes available or as new procedures are implemented.

Standard Grade Level Assessments

Volume 1: Annual Report
Updated every year, this report describes the background, students tested, administration, results, and statistical properties of Oregon's tests.
Volume 2: Test Development
This volume describes in detail the process of developing Oregon's tests, including item development, form construction, and committee review.
Volume 3: Standard Setting
Technical Manual Volume 3 provides details of the process, materials, participants and results of the standard setting process used to establish content and performance standards. Includes performance level descriptors and cut scores.
Volume 4: Evidence of Validity
Updated as new evidence of technical adequacy become available, this report describes independent evaluations of Oregon's assessment system, research studies evaluating the validity of the tests, and measures of reliability.
Volume 5: Summary of Test Administration Procedures
This report summarizes test administration procedures, including test security, accommodations and modifications, and training for test administrators.
Volume 6: Interpretive Guide
The Interpretive Guide provides guidance to interpreting and understanding reports of student scores provided to parents, students, teachers, administrators and the public. This guide includes samples of score reports and descriptions of the performance required at each reporting level.

Alternate Assessment

Volume 7: Alternate Assessment
This report describes the background, participation criteria, standard setting, and test reliability and validity, of Oregon's alternate (Extended) assessments administered to students with disabilities.

English Language Proficiency Assessments (ELPA)

Volume 9: ELPA Test Development
This volume describes the process of developing Oregon's English Language Proficiency Assessments.
Volume 10: ELPA Validity
This volume describes the validity of Oregon's English Language Proficiency Assessments.