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Kindergarten Assessment (Suspended for 2021-22)

The State Board of Education extended the suspension of the Kindergarten Assessment (KA) through the 2021-22 school year due to both the pandemic and concerns related to its design and implementation. ODE and ELD are committed to engaging education and community partners in the 2021-22 school year to determine how the KA should be redesigned for future administrations. Please contact Sody Fearn, ODE’s K-2 Balanced Assessment Specialist, with any questions or concerns.


Kinder 2.jpgThe Oregon Kindergarten Assessment is composed of the following three measures: Early Literacy, Early Math, and Approaches to Learning. The assessment is designed to focus on domains that are strongly linked to third grade reading and future academic success as well as to align with current assessment practices in Oregon’s Kindergarten and elementary schools. The information provides a snapshot for communities and schools on the skills that students have when they enter Kindergarten.

The Oregon Kindergarten Assessment provides:

  1. Local and statewide information that gives families, schools, communities, and state-level policy makers a snapshot of the social, self-regulatory, and academic skills of incoming kindergartners.
  2. A consistent, statewide tool for identifying systemic opportunity gaps, determining Early Learning resource allocation to best support students in need, and measure improvement over time.
These reports show the school, district, and state level results from the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment.

The Look-Back report is an update to the Kindergarten Assessment Results and includes disaggregated student results for three additional student groups: Economically Disadvantaged students, Limited English Proficient students, and Students with Disabilities. Data aggregation is based on Third Period Cumulative ADM Collections (data verified in August of the following year). This report also contains the previously-reported disaggregated data by student gender and ethnicity.

For more information about Oregon's Kindergarten Assessment, please visit the Assessment contacts page.

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