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English Language Arts Assessment


Oregon's Statewide English Language Arts Assessments include the Kindergarten Assessment, and for grades 3-8 and high school, local performance assessments as well as computer-based tests.


  • ​​Oregon's ELA Assessment Blueprints
    Provides infomation about the number of items and depth of knowledge for each assessment target.

  • Oregon's ELA Assessment Expandable Blueprints
    Reference documents that include assessment target descriptions, evidence required, range achievement level descriptors and task model expectations.

​In Oregon, the Local Performance Assessment Requirement states that school districts shall administer one or more performance assessment each year to all students in grades 3 through 8 and in high school in: mathematics, scientific inquiry, speaking, and writing.

Performance assessments must be a standardized measure (e.g., activity, exercise, problem, or work sample scored by a common scoring instrument, such as the official state scoring guides or another scoring guide adopted by the district) that is embedded in the school curriculum and evaluates the application of students’ knowledge and skills. Work Samples, scored using the official state scoring guide, are just one example of acceptable performance assessments. Districts have substantial flexibility when it comes to planning the performance assessments that will be used to fulfill this requirement.

In addition to the required areas, districts are encourage to consider administering local performance assessments in other skill areas as appropriate to the local curriculum. For instance, districts may choose to administer local performance assessments in any of the other areas, such as Social Science Analysis.


  • Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Educator Opportunities 2019
    The Oregon Department of Education is recruiting qualified educators to support and represent the State Of Oregon at the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium assessment activities for 2019. These in-person activities will be hosted by Smarter Balanced during Summer 2019. Interested candidates can apply by submitting the online application form to Smarter Balanced by February 8, 2019. Please refer to the General Information for Educator Involvement Document for additional information.

  • Oregon English Language Arts Update
    The Oregon English Language Arts Teacher Update provides information about promising practices, professional development opportunities, useful links and ELA assessment information.

  • ELA Oregon CCSS Review and Feedback Survey
  • After collecting public comment and suggested revisions from various stakeholder groups regarding the Oregon English Language Arts Standards (CCSS-ELA), we have compiled the feedback for additional opportunities for public input. Please review the initial feedback and proposed updates for the revised Oregon English Language Arts Standards.

Professional Development

For more information about Oregon's English Language Arts Assessment, please contact Tony Bertrand at 503-947-5830.

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