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Science Assessment


Oregon’s Statewide Science Assessments include computer-based assessments at grades 5, 8, and high school, as well as local performance assessments at grades K-High School.

This toolkit has been created to provide districts, schools, teachers, families, and community members with more information about the Oregon Statewide Assessment System Science Assessment. 

Oregon’s Science Assessment Blueprints

This document contains target descriptions, evidence required, and range achievement level descriptors​


  • OSAS Science Sample Test Scoring Guide

    Science Sample Test on the OSAS Portal

    Scoring Guides for sample tests can help teachers understand how test items will be scored on the Oregon Science Test.


​In Oregon, the Local Performance Assessment Requirement​​ states that school districts shall administer one or more performance assessment each year to all students in grades 3 through 8 and in high school in: mathematics, scientific inquiry, speaking, and writing.

Performance assessments must be a standardized measure (e.g., activity, exercise, problem, or work sample scored by a common scoring instrument, such as the official state scoring guides or another scoring guide adopted by the district) that is embedded in the school curriculum and evaluates the application of students’ knowledge and skills. Work Samples, scored using the official state scoring guide, are just one example of acceptable performance assessments. Districts have substantial flexibility when it comes to planning the performance assessments that will be used to fulfill this requirement.

Scoring Guides

Support Documents

Model Scientific Inquiry High School Student Template

Scored Student Work

Student Work
Student work scored using the state Scoring Guide




Professional Development

​OLD OAKS Science Assessment Specifications for 2017-2018

Provides information for Oregon teachers about the number of items and the content to be assessed on the OSAS Science Assessment​

For more information about Oregon's Science Assessment, please contact Noelle Gorbett at 503-947-5928.

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