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Test Administration

This webpage is designed to assist District Test Coordinators (DTCs), School Test Coordinators (STCs), and Test Administrators (TAs) give valid and reliable state assessments in a timely and secure manner.

Cambium Assessment, Inc. (CAI) is Oregon's vender to host the OSAS Portal

Our state’s online system for assessments. Test Coordinators and Administrators use the OSAS portal to assign accessibility supports to students, set up and administer test sessions, and view student participation and performance reports. Parents and students can access practice tests via the portal to familiarize themselves with the test experience and question design.

  • Test Administr​ation Manual​ (Updated 10/01/21)
    This is the Fall 2021 Test Administration Manual. The Test Administration Manual outlines policies and procedures for the Oregon statewide assessments, to ensure both test reliability and validity from classroom to classroom, teacher to teacher, school to school, and district to district.
  • ​​Interim Administration Guide​ (Posted 08/24/20) ​

    This Interim Assessment Guide for Administration is intended for staff who play a role in the administration of, and review of results for, the ELA and Mathematics interim assessments.

  • ​​Oregon Acce​ssibility Manual (Updated 08/17/21)

    The 2021-22 Oregon Accessibility Manual (OAM) provides districts and schools with current policies and requirements that will govern the provision of accessibility supports for students participating in Oregon’s Statewide Assessments.​​

  • ​​ELPA Screener Administration Manual (Updated 08/04/21)

    The ELPA Screener Administration Manual contains all necessary information to administer the ELPA Screener.​​

  • E​ssential Skills and Local Performance Assessment Manual​ (Updated 08/10/21)

    ​Describes the requirements for Essential Skills assessment options, including requirements regarding development, administration, and scoring of assessments.

  • ​Test Administrator User Guide (Updated 08/03/21)

    The OSAS Online Test Administrator User Guide is designed to familiarize Test Administrators with the TA and Student Interfaces used to administer Mathematics and ELA, Science and Social Sciences, and ELPA.

  • TIDE Us​er Guide ​(Updated 08/03/21)

    The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) manages users across all OSAS systems and allows districts to enter student settings and place orders for paper-based Kindergarten Assessment. The TIDE User Guide provides a step-by-step approach to using TIDE.

  • Reportin​g System User Guide​​ (Updated 10/14/21)

    The Reporting System User Guide provides instruction and support for users viewing ELA, Mathematics, Science, and ELPA assessment performance in reports in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS). CRS provides authorized users with detailed reports on student test participation and performance. Users can view state, district, institution, roster, and individual student reports.​

  • Assistive Technology Manual (Posted 01/29/21)

    The Assistive Technology Manual provides technical specification information and additional configuration instructions for assistive technology tools that can be used by students with special accessibility needs for online testing. It includes information for testing with Speech-to-Text tools, Predictive Text tools, Alternative Computer Input tools, Assistive Keyboard tools, Screen Magnifier tools, Voice Packs, and Braille technology.

  • SEED Survey Compact User Guide and SEED Survey Full User Guide​ 
    These user guides summarize procedures for administering the Student SEED Survey as well as an appendix with information specific to student accessibility supports. The compact user guide assumes some familiarity with the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS) test delivery system.

  • Training Materials

    Test administration and security training materials for District Test Coordinators, School Test Coordinators, and Test Administrators.

  • Test Administration Resources

    Materials include promising practices for test administration and test security requirements; accessibility supports resources, and assessment communications materials.

  • Assessment Help

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