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Migrant Education Program (MEP) Projects

Currently there are 18 school districts and ESDs with Migrant Education Program (MEP) projects in the state of Oregon. Typically, these projects use the following cycle over a three year period:

  1. A Comprehensive Needs Assessment, (CNA)
  2. A Service Delivery Plan
  3. Implementation
  4. Data Collection/Reporting and 
  5. Program Evaluation

Priority for Service

In Oregon our definition for Priority for Service (PFS) are those that have both:  

  1. a school interruption during the regular school year, and 
  2. are failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet the State's challenging academic standards.

Title IA is given to serve the economically disadvantage students. Students in a poverty school are all assessed, and the lowest 5-10 percentages of students are served. Title IC (cousin to Title IA) also needs to serve the neediest migrant students. We define the neediest as those that meet both of this criteria:

  1. They have moved within the school year, enrolled late in the school year, withdrew early in the year, OR have 10 or more absences due to their migrant lifestyle. AND
  2. They have not met both the reading OR the math state assessments (SBAC). 

At-Risk of Failing 

For those students who don't have a state assessment, one of the following criteria will qualify them for at-risk of failing:   

  1. being ELL
  2. having repeated a grade OR
  3. being older than their school peers


Forming or Joining a Title IC Consortium Project

Local education agencies wishing to form, or join, a consortium in order to implement a Title IC Migrant Education Project must submit a consortium proposal to the Oregon Department of Education. For further information, please refer to the sheet below.

For more information on this topic, email Yuliana Kenfield.