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ESEA Federal Monitoring

Federal Monitoring

The Oregon Department of Education and Federal Systems Team strive to build collaborative partnerships with districts through the implementation of federal grant programs. The monitoring of federal grant programs allows the Oregon Department of Education and districts to collaborate while providing equitable education to all students and ensuring accountability.

Desk monitoring occurs twice each school year, in the winter and in the spring. Following desk monitoring, a small number of districts will be selected for on-site monitoring. Districts are selected using a risk based monitoring tool.

Districts to be Monitored

ESEA Monitoring Schedule, 2021-2022 

Preparation for Monitoring

Monitoring Tools

Common Compliance

CC-A: Military Recruitment/Student Directory Information: A component of federal education law that requires schools to provide student directory information to military recruiters.

CC-B: Comparability: Complete by December 1st each year and keep on file in district office.

CC-E: LEA refund payments to the Oregon Department of Education

CC-F: Guidelines for tracking fixed assets (Inventory)

CC-G: Time and Effort

Title I-A

Effective June 30, 2020, Indistar will no longer be available to districts for submission of Title IA School Level Plans and/or related annual documents. Districts and schools can now submit all of the information below on the Schoolwide and Targeted Assistance Planning web page.

IA-A: Targeted Assistance Program (TAS)

IA-B: SchoolWide Program (SWP)

IA-C: Annual Meetings

IA-D: Parent Plan

IA-E: Compact

IA-F: Parent Capacity

IA-G: Verification

IA-H: Paraprofessional Qualifications


Please use this resource to assist you in preparation for the Title II-A monitoring items.


Please use this resource to assist you in preparation for the Title IV-A monitoring items.

  • IVA-A - IVA-D: Title IV-A Monitoring Response Form

Private Schools

PS-B: Complied with Consultation Requirements

PS-C: Services Provided to Private School Students

  • 3rd Party Contracts

PS-D: Assessment to measure effectiveness of Title I, II-A, and/or IV-A Programs

Foster Care

For more information on this topic contact Lisa Plumb or Jen Engberg.