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ESEA Allocations

ESEA 2018-2019 Allocations Information

ESEA 2017-2018 Allocations Information

Title IV-A will not be in the CIP Budget Narrative for this current year (2017-2018). We are hoping that it will be part of the narrative for next year.

For this year, we will be sending out an external application (an Excel spreadsheet external to the budget narrative).  Grant notifications are being sent out via EGMS and districts should be able to see their grants in EGMS soon. Once all districts have received their grant notifications and their Title IV-A funds have been inputted into EGMS, the application for funds will be sent out to the following CIP Budget Narrative contacts for all districts: Superintendent, Business Manager, Title I-A Coordinator. 

Also Title IV-A allows for 100% carryover.   Please feel free to contact Melinda Bessner or Raquel Gwynn if you have any more questions.

ESEA 2016-2017 Allocation Information

ESEA 2015 - 2016 Final Allocation Information

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