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Local Performance Assessment Requirement


The purpose of the Local Performance Assessment Requirement is to ensure that Oregon students are afforded opportunities to learn and to receive feedback regarding their academic progress.

Requirement Description

In Oregon, the Local Performance Assessment Requirement states that school districts shall administer one or more performance assessment each year to all students in grades 3 through 8 and in high school in:

  • Mathematics
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Performance assessments must be a standardized measure (e.g., activity, exercise, problem, or work sample scored by a common scoring instrument, such as the official state scoring guides or another scoring guide adopted by the district) that is embedded in the school curriculum and evaluates the application of students’ knowledge and skills. Work Samples, scored using the official state scoring guide, are just one example of acceptable performance assessments. Districts have substantial flexibility when it comes to planning the performance assessments that will be used to fulfill this requirement.

In addition to the required areas, districts are encourage to consider administering local performance assessments in other skill areas as appropriate to the local curriculum. For instance, districts may choose to administer local performance assessments in any of the other areas, such as Social Science Analysis.

Essential Skills and Local Performance Assessment Achievement Standards Aligned to the Official State Scoring Guide
This document provides content area achievement levels on the scorable traits in all grades.


2018-19 Essential Skills and Local Performance Assessment Manual
Required reading for District Test Coordinators. It describes the requirements for Essential Skills assessment options, including requirements regarding development, administration, scoring of assessments. For Local Performance Assessment information, see section 2.0.

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